Stamping Techniques:

Heres a list of all the different Rubber Stamping techniques which you can find directions for.

Stamping and Embossing With Baby Wipes – Recycle the baby wipes you used for cleaning stamps & make funky backgrounds.

Caught In Crystal Technique – Using Floor Wax and Dye Inks to create this stunning and easy Stamping technique.

Serendipity Technique aka Collage On A Sheet – How to use all those little scraps of paper to make unique collages.

Vintage Cracked Glass Art Technique – Using Floor Wax, Walnut Ink & Clear Embossing Powder to create unique distress art.

UTEE Glass Art – Create Collages which look as if they have been embedded in glass using UTEE Enamelling technique.

Glue Resist Stamping Technique – Use Cheap White Glue to great Resist effects in your stamping art.

Grid Techniques – With clever positioning of post it notes you can create these unique Stamped collage art.

Faux Bleach Techniques – Use Clear Embossing to create the illusion of Bleach Stamping.

Joseph Coat Resist Technique – A clever resist technique which involves brayering and clear embossing.

Stamping With Real Leaves – Use real leaves to create wonderful Autumnal Art.

Brayered Metal Embossing – Using Rubber Stamps and a Brayer you can create unique embossed art with metal sheets.

Shrink Plastic & CDs Mixed Media Embellishments – Create embellishments using Cds, Shrinky, Foiling, Beads and Embossing.

Shattered Glass/Mosaic Collage Technique – Using Masking Tape and DTP Techniques to create abstract collage art.

Rubber Stamp Crayon Rubbings Technique – Turn your rubber stamps upside down to make wax rubbings.

Tape Lifting Techniques – Using both masking tape and clear packing tape to create unique tape lifting artwork.

Stamping On Lolly Sticks And Plant Tags – Create unique artwork using wooden popsicle sticks or garden tags.

Rubber Stamping On Slate – How to stamp on pieces of slate.

Stencil Stamping Technique – Creating custom stencils using your rubber stamps as your template.

Digital Stamping Tutorial – How to make digital stamps without using Photo Shop.

Intuitive Watercolour Technique – Using Watercolour Crayons to create abstract backgrounds for stamping on.

Artist Trading Cards – An Introduction To Exploring ART In Miniature. Everything you need to know.

Heart String ATCs – Make a string of stamped or decorated hearts to embellish your Artist Trading Cards with.

Two Tone Masked Resist Technique – Using torn paper to create a protective mask to create a striking contrast.

10 Minute Collage Technique – Stamped collage art in a hurry, perfect for the collage phobic crafters 🙂

Strips And Blocks Collage Art – Another easy guide to making abstract collage art for beginners.

Collage Rubber Stamping With Punchies – how to make funky art by careful positioning of craft punch shapes.

Pattern Block Stamped Layering Technique – Create jigsaw type art for your card making projects.

Brushless Watercolour Techniques – Various experiments and variations with the Brushless Watercolour technique.

Intalligio Shrink Plastic Border Cards – How to make deep impressed borders with Shrinky fragments and stamps.

Faux Batix Technique – How to create the look of Batik using clear embossing and dye inks to create a resist.

Pearl Ex Resist Technique – How to make gorgeous shimmering stamped images using mica powders and an embossing inkpad.

Embossed Pearls Technique – Using Multiple layers of embossing powders or utee and mica powders to create unique embellishments.

Rubber Shelf Liner Embossing – How to make embellishments using layers of embossing and shelf liner.

Spotlight Stamping- The lowdown on making this tech work with lots of variations on how you can tweak it.

Painting With Glaze On Metal Tape – How to make your own glass paints using Clear Glaze and Dye Inks to colour on metal.

Adding Colour With Bleach – The lowdown on using household bleach in your stamped art and how to do it.

Glitzy Mixed Media Frame Art – Using tin foil, micro beads and stamped shrink plastic to make a mixed media art frame.

Photo Negative Resist Technique – Create the look of old fashioned photo negatives using resist stamping and brayering.

Stamping On 45’s – Yep you guessed it! You can stamp on them old vinyl records too!

The Van Gogh Technique – How to add texturous small detail to rubber stamp art.

Label Stamping Technique  – How to make label cards the easy way (without peeling the stickers off one by one)

Bandana Technique Hints & Tips – The basics on getting started with this easy eyepopping technique.