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Welcome To Techniques Zone, an Online Archive of some of my favourite Backgrounds, Rubber Stamping, Card Making, Paper Crafts and Mixed Media Techniques.

Ive decided to revamp and give my site a fresh facelift and move all of my pages to WordPress as its easier to edit them and change their format when I get bored….

Below are the links to the menu’s of the selected Techniques and Projects Ive chosen as my favourites to share with you.

Some of them where written a long time ago (think dinosaur era) so some of the products Ive used in the various tutorials may be a little dated now (a bit like me)

I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Trish Bee

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Do You Have Any Questions Or Comments? Please Post Them Here!

Do You Have Any Questions Or Comments? Please Post Them Here!

Trish Bee's Art-Venture

I’ve had my eye on the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates for a while, I’ve seen some lovely backgrounds created with them and lots of inspirational videos but I really didn’t want to spend £20-£30 on something that:

a) I might not like and b) I might use it once then never again!

I know I could’ve easily made a temporary gelatine one to test first to see if I liked them, but to be honest to me it seemed like too much hard work and I’d rather stick pins in my eyes so I never bothered.

Instead I started looking on ebay to see if I could come up with something similar to work with at a fraction of the price and I think I found it!


Its a lot smaller than a gel printing plate at 5.8 x 3.5 inches and I have no idea how it compares with the real gel printing plate because I’ve never…

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Im reblogging this latest post from my main blog because it features a cool technique on how to make your own patterned tape using sequin waste, parcel tape and foil transfer sheets.
You can see more recent posts on my blog here:

Trish Bee's Art-Venture

I’ve been working on another journal page today which I wanted to share with you. I took plenty of step by step photos of the process for those of you who are interested in seeing how I created this.

Below is a picture of my journal page before I started working on it, Im using the Dylusions Journal, I love the nice big thick pages which are perfect for ink and papers. The pages below where used as my slop catching papers for the previous Crown journal page, I normally like to use drop sheets to work on but lately Ive been using the actual journal as my drop sheet to catch stray paints and inks that I slop off the pages of my projects.


Step 1: I used the left over part of a sheet of card that I had used to cut out square shapes using a craft…

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New Blog

I have a new blog where I am sharing my latest dabblings and ponderings, if you would like to take a peek the link is:

Images Are Back

Just a quick FYI, I noticed a lot of the old images from older pages where missing and several of you had emailed me and informed me of this too.

I am currently re-uploading all the missing images so they should now start to appear again shortly.

Thanks again


New Stuff Added

Just added some new stuff to my new blog, the url if you havent found it is:
You can also find me on facebook here: