Lolly Stick Cards

These Lolly stick cards are very easy to do!

I did it so it must be easy!

You can apply this technique to matchsticks, if you’ve got the patience, or to those plant tags which you use for marking the names of your flowers in the garden!

What You Will Need

Lolly Sticks
Masking Tape
Stazon Inkpad
-Or- Permanent Pad such as Memories, Ancient Page or Brilliance Dye Inkpads
Cotton Wool Buds
Cards for Layering
Double Sided Tape
Card Blank

How To Create

1. Tear off a strip of masking tape and place on work surface sticky side up. Place lollysticks on the tape, lining them up side by side, until you have the required size row needed.

2. Next turn over the lolly sticks and add more masking tape to secure them better, and trim off excess tape with scissors.

3. Now turn the lolly sticks back round so you are faced with the front of the bare wooden sticks. Stamp onto using stamp of your choice with Black Stazon inkpad.

4. Take die ink pads and your cotton wool buds, you are going to apply colour direct from the pad to the stamped image on your sticks. Continue until you have finished, and allow ink to dry.

5. Apply a layer of double sided tape to the reverse of the lollysticks, over the top of the masking tape. And affix to card layer of your choice.

6. Trim excess card and then affix the whole layer to a single fold card blank. Your card is now complete.

The Lolly Stick card above was painted with Lumiere Metallic Olive Paint prior to stamping

Garden Plant Tag Cards

Ive had these plant tags in a while, I bought them cheap for under a pound for a batch of them. You know how it is, you see it, and think I could use that in stamping! Then you get home and put them away and forget all about them for six months!

The plant tags were assembled onto masking tape exactly the same way as I did the the lolly stick cards above.

Once I had my row of plant tags, I base painted them with a layer of Lumiere paints.

I allowed paint to dry, then using a stippling brush I added hilights over the surface using various colours of Lumiere’s.

Once all the layers had dried I added final finishing touches with Bronze, Copper and Gold Lumiere paints to add a metallic sheen.

I stamped on the plant tags using a stazon inkpad and various unmounteds stamps (stampin up, non sequitur, time to stamp to name but a few) I LOVE my stazon inkpad because you can stamp on virtually any surface with it, and each time you get that true black colour I love!

Before assembling the plant tags to cards, I decided to take advantage of the holes on each one and used them to thread cords and fibers and attach charms to them to finish

They have a hole on each tag, which I thought would look good for threading cords or fibers through.

Plant Tags Cards