These mini glass art collages look like they are actually embedded in real glass! The scans really do not do them justice.

They are perfect left just as they are as mini objects d’art!

Or you can use them as pins, in your AB pages or mount them onto cards.

I started the glass art collages you see on this page using the same directions as described on the Family Heritage Collage page also featured in this issue.

I created several larger collages, then once they were complete I used a paper trimmer to cut off small sections to make into mini collages.

Once I had the min collages I embedded them under glass, please refer to the directions below on how to create these wonderful faux glass embellishments!

I hope you have as much fun creating these as I did!

Supplies Used

* Card Stock
* Modge Podge Glue (Plaid)
* Paint Brush
* Victorian Memory Book Paper (HOTP)
* White Glossy Card Stock

* Musical Background Paper
* Cheap Brush Marker Pens
* Scissors
* Shipping Tag For Template
* Mount Board (or thick card board suitable for enamel embossing on)
* Scissors
* Marvy Le Plume Pen In Rosewood (Tombow)
* Permanent Memories Inkpad: Black (Stewart Superior)
* Permanent Dye Ink Pad: Burgundy (Anitas)
* Gold Letters, Words, Borders And Corner Stickers (Stampendous)
* Victorian Decoupage Scraps (Mamelok)
* Images Cut And Torn From Gift Wrap And Past Times Catalogue
* Paper Lace Doileys
* Victorian Stickers (Colorblok)
* Clear Embossing Powder (Stamps N Stuff)
* Gold Embossing Powder (Stamps N Stuff)
* 2 Plastic Containers For Holding Embossing Powders In
* Non Stick Baking Parchment (Or Teflon or Heat Sheet)
* Clear Versamark Inkpad
* Embossing Heat Gun
* Gold Accent Beads
* Gold Brass Charms
* Pressed Flowers

All Rubber Stamps Used By: Hearts In Touch


1. Take your small mini collages, using modge podge glue; glue them to a sheet of mountboard. Let glue dry.

2. Once glue is dry; cut around all of your collages, set to one side.

3. Pour the gold embossing powder in one container and the clear in another.

4. Tear off a strip of non stick baking parchment and place on your work surface.

5. Take on the min collages you have just glued onto the mount board, and gently press the entire surface with the versamark inkpad.

6. Tap the collage upside down into the clear embossing powder container to adhere powder. Heat to melt.

7. Working quickly place collage back into the clear embossing powder container to adhere another layer of powder. Heat to melt.

8. Repeat step 8 until you have approx 4 layers of clear embossing powder on your collage tile.

9. At this step you can now add embellishments into the hot embossing powder, you can sprinkle on mini beads while the embossing powder is still hot, or pressing brass charms or pressed flowers into the enameling.

Let Cool, your glass collages are complete.

You are probably wondering what the gold embossing powder is for in the supplies list! If you wish to add a gold frame to your glass art collage, before the clear embossing powder has cooled; dip the collage edges into the gold embossing powder container so that a thin strip of gold powder sticks to all 4 edges. Heat set for a lovely midas edge.