Im reblogging this latest post from my main blog because it features a cool technique on how to make your own patterned tape using sequin waste, parcel tape and foil transfer sheets.
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I’ve been working on another journal page today which I wanted to share with you. I took plenty of step by step photos of the process for those of you who are interested in seeing how I created this.

Below is a picture of my journal page before I started working on it, Im using the Dylusions Journal, I love the nice big thick pages which are perfect for ink and papers. The pages below where used as my slop catching papers for the previous Crown journal page, I normally like to use drop sheets to work on but lately Ive been using the actual journal as my drop sheet to catch stray paints and inks that I slop off the pages of my projects.


Step 1: I used the left over part of a sheet of card that I had used to cut out square shapes using a craft…

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