Background Techniques:

Heres a list of all the different background techniques featured on Techniques Zone.

Spray Starch & Alcohol Ink Backgrounds – Using Household Spray Starch to create bright background art.

Spray Starch Background Technique – Using Household Spray Starch and Mica Powders to create a sparkle.

Spray Starch & Dye Ink Resist – Using Spray Starch as a Resist Medium for Brayering over Dye Based Inkpads.

Duraglit/Brasso Backgrounds – Distressing glossy magazine papers using Brasso metal cleaning wadding.

Noodle Brush Backgrounds – Using Silicone Pastry Brushes to create brightly splattered background art.

Acrylic Splat Backgrounds – Make your own Daubers using bottles of acrylic paints and sponge.

Fabric Paper Using Tyvek Backgrounds – Using Printed Tissue Papers & Napkins with Tyvek to make fabric like paper backgrounds.

Gold Leaf Watercolour Resist Backgrounds – Gold Krylon Pens and Watercolour Wash.

Lutradur Background Experiments – Adding colour to this wonderful fabric medium.

Bright Watercolour Wash Backgrounds – When I say Bright, I mean BRIGHT. Using Watercolour Crayons.

Watercolour Wash Backgrounds Part 2 – Using Felt Tip Pens and Brush Markers to create a Watercolour Wash.

Smooshed Inks Backgrounds – Dye Inks and Brayers – so much fun it should be illegal.

Masking Tape Backgrounds – Tape – not just for silencing folk with πŸ˜‰

Worksheet Wonders – Dont throw away your work table protectors – use them as art backgrounds instead!

Faux Leather Tissue Paper Backgrounds – More reasons to buy Tissue Paper.

Black Pearl Paper Backgrounds – Kitchen Paper Towels and Acrylic Paints to create Sparkly Backgrounds.

Brayered Gesso Resist Backgrounds – I love My Gesso πŸ™‚

Hair Mousse Backgrounds – If you dont have Hair Mousse you can use Shaving Foam instead.

Textured Gesso Backgrounds – Using Gesso to add a 3d dimension to your backgrounds.

Distressed Scraps Backgrounds – Cool ways to recycle all those itty bitty paper scraps of paper.

Paint Scraping Techniques – Credit Cards are not just for buying stuff with πŸ™‚

Glue Background Techniques – Using El Cheapo White School Glue.

Shining Stones Background Technique – Pearl Ex and Dye Inked Brayered Art.

Walnut Wax Media Backgrounds – Walnut Inks and Embossing Powder on Tissue Paper to create an unique distress effect.

Paper Shredding Backgrounds – Shredding Machine at the ready or steal the hamsters bedding…

Textured Micro Beads Backgrounds – If it doesnt move, make it into a background…

Faux Grass Paper Backgrounds – Good for recycling your out of date Herbs collection πŸ™‚

Magazine Scrunchie Backgrounds – Gesso and Scrunched Magazine Papers with a splash of Paint to create texured backgrounds.

Heated Oil Pastel Backgrounds – Use Oil Pastels with a travel iron to make Faux Encaustic Wax art backgrounds.

Gesso & Colour Mist Resist Backgrounds – Eye popping colourful backgrounds on dark colour card stock.

Alcohol Inks lAnd Floor Wax Backgrounds – Look what happens when I ran out of Blending Solution πŸ™‚

Walnut Ink Backgrounds – How to use Walnut Ink Crystals to create Distressed backgrounds.

Stamped Tissue Paper Backgrounds – Using Tissue Paper to stamp and add colour and pizazz to your cards.

Textured Glue Resist Background Technique – Ordinary PVA Glue heated on card to make a textured raised resist effect.

Shadow Blocks Backgrounds Using Deluxe Card Templates – How to use the templates to make arty DTP backgrounds.

Stippled Pearls Backgrounds – All you need is a stiff brush and Pearl or Metallic paints to make jazzy backgrounds.

DIY Powdered Mica Spritzer Backgrounds – How to make your own Spritzer Sprays using Pearl Ex and Water πŸ™‚

Faux Polished Stone Background Technique – In the olden days they didnt have Alcohol Inks so we had to improvise!

Metallic Wash Backgrounds – Floor Wax and Metallic Acrylic Paints combined to make lovely washy backgrounds.

Faux Leather Masking Tape Background – Stamping On Masking Tape to emulate the look of old worn leather.

Magazine Paper Backgrounds – Recycle magazines with dye inks and inkpads to create interesting looking backgrounds.

Heated Pearls Backgrounds – Pearl Ex and White Glue melted with your heat gun to create a gorgeous Oooozey background.

Gum Arabic and Floor Wax Resist Backgrounds – Use Gum Arabic and Floor Wax as Resist Mediums with your Inkpads.

Distressed Gesso Background Technique – Distress your backgrounds using ordinary Gesso and Inkpads.

Fusible Webbing Backgrounds – Painted Webbing heated to create arty farty backgrounds.

Freezer Paper Backgrounds – Using Acrylic paints on freezer paper to make yummy bright backgrounds.

Faux Washi Backgrounds – Backgrounds with the WOW factor.

Faux Leather Backgrounds – Using Tissue Paper, Dye Inks and Glue to make fake leather.

Scraped Credit Card Backgrounds – Who woulda thought a Credit Card could double up as a humble Art Tool.

Artful Brayered Backgrounds – Use your Brayer to make grungey arty backgrounds for stamping on.

Alcohol Inks Backgrounds On Glossy Card – Your basic backgrounds using Alcohol Inks.

Metallic Alcohol Inks Backgrounds – Metallic Acrylic Paints and Alcohol Inky Backgrounds.

Textured Alcohol Inks Backgrounds – Using Tissue Paper,Β  Celophane, Masking Tape & More to create lovely textured surfaces.

Metallic Textured Alcohol Inks Backgrounds – Gorgeous shimmery textured backgrounds created with various medias.

Acrylic Paint Backgrounds – How to use Acrylic Paints to create interesting looking backgrounds.

Faux Glassine Paper Backgrounds – Using Tissue Paper and Floor Wax To Create Unique Glassine Paper Backgrounds.

Water Color Art Backgrounds – Using a Reversing Stamp or large eraser to create stamped watercolour wash backgrounds.

Ink Spots Alcohol Inks Backgrounds – Use alcohol inks to make spotty spattery backgrounds.

Stamping and Embossing With Baby Wipes – Recycle wipes used for cleaning stamps & make funky backgrounds.

Plastic Transfer Backgrounds Technique – Using Clear sticky back plastic to transfer images with.

Intuitive Watercolour Technique – Using Watercolour Crayons to create abstract backgrounds for stamping on.

Fax Magic Backgrounds – With a heatgun and fax roll paper you can make your background colour pop.

Brayered Bands Resist Backgrounds – Using ordinary rubber bands to create unique resist background art.

Brayered Bands Resist Backgrounds