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I came across this idea by accident – thats how some of my best ideas have been born! Happy Accidents!

I was putting away my bottle of Floor Wax when I managed to spill some onto some tissue paper. I forgot all about it and set it aside (waste not want not) – then found it again more recently and the wax had dried on the tissue paper.

What struck me immediately was how much the tissue paper looked like Glassine Paper!

The wax itself had dried on the tissue paper and made it go shiny and translucent rather like the glassine paper used to make glassine envelopes!

Perfect I thought – now we can make our own faux glassine envelopes!

Supplies Used To Create Faux Glassine Paper

* White Tissue Paper
* Future Floor Wax -or- Johnsons Klear Floor Wax (or suitable alternative floor wax polish)
* Paint Brush
* Clear Plastic Food Bag

* Any Of The Following in colours of your choice:
Dye Based Inkpad Re-inkers
-or- Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks
-or- Artists Inks (e.g Winstor and Newton or Daler Rownley)

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment (optional) – I used Gold.
You can also use any of the following Mica Alternatives:
Moonglow, Powdered Pearls, Fairie Dust or Perfect Pearls

Rubber Stamps Used In Sample Shown Are By CARDSNSTAMPS.COM

Creating Faux Glassine Paper

Take the plastic food bag and open it out so it covers your work surface, place a sheet of tissue paper over the top of it. You NEED the plastic bag as without it you will ruin your work surface – this background is messy! The bag acts as a protective barrier. Alternatively you could use a plastic table mat.

  • Its important to use plastic otherwise when the background has dried it will stick to whatever surface you are using. The plastic simply peels off easily!

Take a paint brush and brush on a generous supply of wax onto the tissue paper – you dont want too much that the wax is pouring off the edge of the tissue; but you do want enough that the wax covers the entire surface.

Next take the dye reinkers (or rainbow inks or artists inks) and drop little spots of different colours around the surface of the paper.

  • Only use between 2 and 3 colours – too many colours will make the colours go cloudy and muddy!

Choose your colours well so that they compliment one another. For example pink and blue and purple work well together. As do orange, yellow and green.

Use a paint brush to blend the inks together and make them combine or you can use your fingertips – I did 🙂

If the inks are not blending together very well use a little more floor wax to help the inks flow more easily. At this point you dont need to do anything else except wait for your paper to dry! I left mine over night. Once dry carefully remove the faux glassine paper from the plastic and set aside for future stamping projects!

Right after I add the inks to the floor wax I like to tap a tiny bit of pearl ex pigments over the surface and use a brush to blend it into the background – this gives it a wonderful rich midas touch!

The best part is that you dont need to add a fixative to seal the pearl ex as the floor wax acts as a fixative agent.

If your in a hurry and dont want to wait for the backgrounds to air dry you can use a heat gun to hurry it along – make sure you remove the paper from the plastic first!

Make sure the paper is dry on BOTH sides of the paper before using them in your projects.

For stamping on the Glassine Paper I recommend either Stazon and Memories inkpads

Try it and see!


For this you’ll be needing your inks to make lovely multicoloured inky backgrounds, I used Posh Inks for this but dont panic if you dont have them as you can use dye reinkers instead.

I actually found these instructions on my computer which I wrote a couple of years ago along with the scans of the background art too! So I figured I might as well share them and use them for a challenge 🙂

Smooshed Inks Backgrounds

Posh Impressions Rainbow inks a favourite of mine, simply because the ranges of colours available are so vibrant and full of life!

I love making these backgrounds because they are so random and you never know how they are going to turn out, better still each background you create is totally unique and different! Heres how to do it…


  • Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks (I used Floral Brights Set)
  • Glossy Accents Medium (Ranger) –

If you don’t have glossy accents you can use the following alternatives:
Diamond Glaze or Dimensional Magic or Anitas Brand

  • 2 A4 sheets of Acetate (or plastic office folder, unprinted transparancy sheet etc)
  • A5 Sheets Glossy Card Stock
  • Clean Un-inked Rubber Brayer
  • Newspaper (to protect work surface)


  1. Place 1 sheet of A4 acetate onto your work surface, in the centre of the acetate place a pool of glossy accents medium approx the size of a 2 pence piece.

  1. Take approx 2-3 different colours rainbow inks, drop the inks randomly across the centre of the acetate near the pool of glossy accents glue, try and create small gaps between the different colours so that they don’t blend together (yet).

Examples of colour combinations which work well together: blue, purple and pink, – green, yellow and orange, – red, purple and pink, – red, yellow and purple.

  1. Place the other sheet of acetate on top of the acetate with the inks and glossy accents and press them both together.

  1. Use the rubber brayer to spread the inks and glossy accents the surface of the acetate.

The glossy accents acts as a binding medium which both waters down the inks and also helps them blend together more freely.

  1. Remove top piece of acetate from the bottom piece and set it aside for a second.

  1. Take 2 sheets of glossy card stock, and place them back to back so that the gloss surface of the card faces outwards.

  1. Place these 2 pieces of card onto the inky acetate sheet on the work surface, and then place the other top sheet of acetate over the top to make an inky ‘sandwich’.

  1. Pick up the brayer and rub it across the acetate, moving it in various directions, you cant see where the inks are at this point so go over the entire surface for good even coverage.

  1. Remove the top sheet of acetate, and then separate all the pieces of card and acetate from one another, you now have 2 sheets of glossy card with a lovely smooshed background and 2 sheets of smooshed acetate too!

Set all pieces aside to air dry naturally, once dry you will notice how the glossy accents medium has dried into a raised dimensional finish giving the posh impressions inks a lovely textural smoosh inked background effect.

You are now ready to use your background in your projects!

Background Samples Below:




These backgrounds utilise Tissue Paper to make easy peasy Faux Leather backgrounds – these are so easy to make you can do them with your eyes shut!

What You Need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Card Stock
  • PVA or White Glue
  • Glue Spreader
  • Acrylic Paint or Dye Re-inkers


1. Crumple your tissue paper into a tight ball, open it up again and set it aside.

2. Spread a generous amount of glue over the surface of your card stock using a credit card or plastic spreader.

3. Working quickly, tap the tissue paper down over the glued surface, do NOT flatten it out as you want lots of nice texture and crinkles in the background. Let it dry.

4. Now you need to add colour – either acrylic paints OR you can use dye reinkers or smoosh an inkpad over the top dtp style. Once the colour has dried you are ready make artwork with your backgrounds!

Faux Leather Tissue Paper Background Samples:



This background is a lotta messy fun 🙂

You’ve probably heard of the shaving cream backgrounds? This is similar only instead of shaving cream we use Hair Mousse! The reason for hair mousse is because it holds the shape and texture for slightly longer, read on for details….

You Need:

  • Hair Mousse – any cheap variety (if you dont have it use shaving cream)
  • Quarter Size Matt Card Stock
  • Plastic Tray – I recycle food trays from stir fry vegetables
  • Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks -or- Dye Based Re-inkers -or- Watercolour Inks
  • Skewer or wood stick
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface (very messy)


1. Lay newspaper over your work surface, and set out the supplies you need on the paper so that you have them all quickly to hand as you need to work quick with this technique, see photo below:


2. Into the plastic tray squirt a layer of hair mousse so that it completely fills the tray as per the picture below:


3. Drop various colours of rainbow inks or dye reinkers into the hair mousse randomely like so (note – you dont need a lot of ink for this – I just like to go overboard with colour!):


4. Using the skewer, draw lines into the mousse to mix the colours of the inks together a bit more:


5. Place card stock directly into the hair mousse mix and leave for a couple of seconds to allow the inks to soak through the card:


6. Quickly remove the card,at this point your background will look a bit of a mess, see below:


7. Place your card onto the newspaper, using the skewer, scrape it across the card – this action will both move remove the excess hair mousse and also allow the ink colours to blend together better:


8. Set aside to dry and continue making more backgrounds with the hair mousse, replenishing the inks if needed until the hair mousse has all gone.


Note – This technique was written a long time ago before the birth of Alcohol Inks 😉

The Polished Stone Technique is a background that utilises expensive alcohol inks such as ‘Tria Inks’ to make swirly colour backgrounds. I suppose the name comes about because the colours on the backgrounds look so intense they resemble that of cut crystal and stones.

Here in mouldy old England I wanted to try this technique but couldn’t find any of these inks…even if I could I was wondering if they was worth the expense just for one background technique.

I looked around at a couple of websites at what these backgrounds are supposed to look like and decided to experiment and try and come up with an imitation version of this technique using ordinary artist inks. You can read on for my take on the ‘Faux Polished Stone Technique’

Alcohol and Inks Background Technique

What you will need

Artist Inks:
I used the Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks, plus Winston and Newton Drawing Inks.

Surgical Spirit or Rubbing Alcohol:
You can buy this from chemists or shops like Boots and Superdrug its next to the with the plasters and bandages. If you cant find Surgical Spirit look for any medicinal alcohol for cleaning cuts and grazes.

Cotton Wool balls:
(The cosmetic kind that are used for applying cleanser and toner on your face)

White Glossy Card

How To Create

I created backgrounds using the 2 different methods below:

Method 1:

1. Take a cotton wool ball and pour on a little surgical spirit to dampen it. I hold the cotton ball in one hand, and the bottle in the other and hold the bottle neck over the cotton wool ball to take up the fluid..this is the quickest and cleanest way of doing it.

2. Next apply little drops of ink colours onto the cotton wool ball, use colours that will look good together; for example pinks, blues, burgundies, purples -or- green, yellow. browns and blues. I applied little drops and lines of ink colour directly onto the cotton wool ball. Overlap the colours to allow them to blend together.

3. Next pour on a little more surgical spirit onto the cotton wool ball.

4. Take your glossy white card and tap the cotton wool ball directly onto the card as if you are sponging with it, the alcohol in the surgical spirit intensifies the ink and makes the colours literally glow on your card.

Continue tapping and ‘sponging’ with the cotton wool ball until you have completely covered the surface of your card. Set aside to dry, your background is complete.

You can use the cotton wool balls to create more than one background. If it runs out of colour, top it up with more surgical spirit or inks.

Method Two:

This method is similar to method one, instead of applying all the different drops of ink onto one cotton wool ball I have several cotton wool balls each completely covered with one ink colour.

1. Apply surgical spirit to a ball of cotton wool, next completely cover the ball with one colour of ink, apply more surgical spirit. Continue making ink and surgical spirit balls for each colour of ink you wish to use in your backgrounds.

2. Choose which colour you wish to be your base coat and sponge down your first colour onto the white card. Next using a different colour of ink, apply patterns and movement onto the card. Continue playing until you are happy with how it looks.

As before use your cotton wool balls to create more backgrounds and add more inks or spirit as and when is needed.

Alcohol and Ink Backgrounds Gallery

Brief Lowdown of each Background:

1. Top Left: Posh Impressions Inks in: Hot Pink, Blue, Butterscotch and Red.

2. Top Right: Artists Inks In: Light Green, Dark Green and Yellow.

3. Second Row Left: Artists Inks In: Light Green, Dark Green and Yellow. Extra surgical spirit was added to create a more washy feel.

4. Second Row Right: Posh Impressions Inks in: Hot Pink, Blue and Cranberry.

5. Third Row Left: Artists Inks in: Purple, Pink, Blue and Orange. Extra surgical spirit was added to create a washy feel.

6. Third Row Right: Artist Inks in: Brown, Yellow, Orange and Green. Extra surgical spirit was added to create a washy feel.

7. Fourth Row Left: Posh Impressions Ink in: Eggplant, Purple and Hot Pink. Extra surgical spirit was added for a washy effect.

8. Fourth Row Right: Artists Inks in: Dark & Light Green, Brown, Yellow and Orange.

9. Fifth Row Left: Artists Inks in: Red, Orange and Magenta.

10. Fifth Row Right: Artists Inks In: Pink, Orange, Purple and Silver.

11. Sixth Row Left: Artist Inks in: Dark Blue, Purple, Green and Silver.

12. Sixth Row Right: Artists Inks in: Pink, Orange, Red, Magenta and Silver.

More Ideas With Alcohol and Ink Backgrounds

Experiment with moving the cotton wool balls to create movement with the ink. For example you can swipe the cotton to create lines, or you can lift it up to create bubble like textures or rub harder to create a more softer background.

Experiment with using less or more surgical spirit. More surgical spirit creates a more softer washy looking background which I think resembles clouds. Less surgical spirit creates a more intense rainbow of colours.

Use metallic inks! You can buy artists inks in gold and silver! This is what I used on some of the backgrounds. Instead of applying them onto the cotton wool balls I dropped them directly onto the card stock and used the cotton wool balls to move them around the card stock and blend them in with the other colours I was using.

The card you use can have a big difference in your backgrounds! I had some super glossy card and it created really intense backgrounds, I then used the same colours on a less glossy sheet of card and the background looked totally different.

See examples:

Super Glossy Card

Less Glossy Card

Alcohol and Inks Background Cards

Once you have created your backgrounds you can stamp on them and make into cards:) You can stamp using any inkpads of your choice. These are some of the cards I created below using these backgrounds along with a brief description of how they was made

All of the backgrounds on the cards in the gallery were edged using a copper krylon pen and mounted onto black cardstock. All images were stamped with memories inkpad.

Top Left Butterfly Card: Inks by Posh Impressions in: hot pink, cranberry, butterscotch and blue. Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design.

Top Right: Dragon Fly Collage Card: Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design). Posh Impressions Ink in Hot Pink, Magenta & Cranberry.

Second Row Left Sonny Boy Card: Artists inks in: brown, green, orange and yellow. I used extra surgical spirit to create a more washy effect. Stamp Credit: Comotion.

Second Row Right Fan Collage Card: Ink colours as previous card with less surgical spirit to create a more intense background. Stamp Credit: Aspects Of Design.

Third Row Left Butterfly Card: Inks by Posh Impressions in: hot pink, cranberry, butterscotch and blue. Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design.

Third Row Right Flower Fairie Card: For this background I left some of the white card stock showing throw the inks as I liked the effect. Artists Inks in pink, magenta and purple. Stamp Credit: Imagina

Fourth Row Left Dragon Fly Card: Posh Impressions Inks in: Denim, green, cranberry, eggplant and purple. Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design.

Fourth Row Right Dragon Fly Card: Artist Inks in: orange, brown, yellow, green and red. Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design.

Bottom Dragon Fly Card: Artists inks in purple, blue and pink, I added extra surgical spirit to blend the inks into a washy effect. Stamp Credit: Aspects of Design.