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I was sent a roll of metal tape recently by a good friend of mine (thanks Twigs!). Id been after some for ages ever since I saw it in use on Tim Holtz’s Altered Journey Dvd but hadnt been able to find it. Im reliably informed you can purchase it in the UK in B&Q D.I.Y Stores (look next to the carpet tapes).

So WHAT is this tape? Basically put – Its foil on a roll!

It looks and acts just like the soft embossing metal craft sheets you can buy. Except that the tape is sticky and only approx 2 inches wide which makes it a lot easier to work with!

The scans on this page really do not do these cards and justice; because of their shiny metal surface it was hard to get a good image of them.

To start with I stamped the foil using a Black Stazon inkpad because these inkpads are perfect for stamping on many different surfaces.

Next on one of the cards I decided to 3d emboss the image;
I did this by placing the foil onto a mouse mat first, then using an embossing ball tool I outlined the stamped design to create areas of interest within the design.

Once stamped and/or embossed I was left with the question of ‘What do I add colour with?’ I dont have any of the Ranger Alcohol Inks (yet) so I couldnt use those…so I had to improvise!

I wanted to add a transparent colour so that the metal foil would still be visible through the colour – the only way I could think of to do that was to use inks! Now I dont know if you have ever used inks on foil? It just wont stick! The ink ‘beads up’ and wipes off and never dries so I needed something to ‘bind’ the inks and act as a sealer…

One thing that immediately came to mind was Glossy Accents by Ranger – this is a Glass like medium for creating raised areas in your stamped art on a multitude of different surfaces. So I decided to experiment and have a go with this!

I added approx 2 drops of ink to a drop of glossy accents on a mixing palette, using a paint brush I binded and mixed the two together to a thick glue like consistency.

If you dont have any Glossy Accents you could improvise using Diamond Glaze or Dimensional Magic or any similar Glass Glazing Medium.

Once I had mixed the ink and the glossy accents together I painted the solution directly to the foil and allowed it to dry for a couple of hours.

Once dry the foil looked kinda like a metallic glass painting which I thought looked cool!

One thing I noticed was that if I painted the solution onto the foil more thickly – once it had dried it would dry to a raised coloured glass area. For example the green leaves in the scans are actually raised as I applied a second layer to accent them.

You can create thinner and more transparent colours by adding less Glossy Accents and more ink when you are making your solution – also by adding MORE Glossy Accents you create a thicker ink to paint with! Experiment with your ratios!

What I really like about this mix is how it seeps into the embossed areas of the design and enhances them even more!

Have a go and see what you can come up with and dont forget to share your creations with us!

Supplies Used For Painting On Foil

  • Metal D.I.Y Tape
  • Black Stazon Inkpad
  • Embossing Ball Tool
  • Mouse Mat
  • Paint Brush
  • Glossy Accents (Ranger – available from Innovative Stamp Creations)
  • Artists Inks (Winstor and Newton or similar)
  • Card Making Supplies Used In Card Samples

  • Shrink Plastic Leaf Embellishments
  • Safety Pin and Alphabet Beads For Embellishing
  • Card Blanks
  • Scissors
  • Class A Peels Silver Peel Off Stickers – letter tiles, borders, brads, leaf and corners.
  • Glossy Accents for affixing safety pin and leaf embellishment
  • Rubber Stamp Used By Era Graphics


For this you’ll be needing your inks to make lovely multicoloured inky backgrounds, I used Posh Inks for this but dont panic if you dont have them as you can use dye reinkers instead.

I actually found these instructions on my computer which I wrote a couple of years ago along with the scans of the background art too! So I figured I might as well share them and use them for a challenge 🙂

Smooshed Inks Backgrounds

Posh Impressions Rainbow inks a favourite of mine, simply because the ranges of colours available are so vibrant and full of life!

I love making these backgrounds because they are so random and you never know how they are going to turn out, better still each background you create is totally unique and different! Heres how to do it…


  • Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks (I used Floral Brights Set)
  • Glossy Accents Medium (Ranger) –

If you don’t have glossy accents you can use the following alternatives:
Diamond Glaze or Dimensional Magic or Anitas Brand

  • 2 A4 sheets of Acetate (or plastic office folder, unprinted transparancy sheet etc)
  • A5 Sheets Glossy Card Stock
  • Clean Un-inked Rubber Brayer
  • Newspaper (to protect work surface)


  1. Place 1 sheet of A4 acetate onto your work surface, in the centre of the acetate place a pool of glossy accents medium approx the size of a 2 pence piece.

  1. Take approx 2-3 different colours rainbow inks, drop the inks randomly across the centre of the acetate near the pool of glossy accents glue, try and create small gaps between the different colours so that they don’t blend together (yet).

Examples of colour combinations which work well together: blue, purple and pink, – green, yellow and orange, – red, purple and pink, – red, yellow and purple.

  1. Place the other sheet of acetate on top of the acetate with the inks and glossy accents and press them both together.

  1. Use the rubber brayer to spread the inks and glossy accents the surface of the acetate.

The glossy accents acts as a binding medium which both waters down the inks and also helps them blend together more freely.

  1. Remove top piece of acetate from the bottom piece and set it aside for a second.

  1. Take 2 sheets of glossy card stock, and place them back to back so that the gloss surface of the card faces outwards.

  1. Place these 2 pieces of card onto the inky acetate sheet on the work surface, and then place the other top sheet of acetate over the top to make an inky ‘sandwich’.

  1. Pick up the brayer and rub it across the acetate, moving it in various directions, you cant see where the inks are at this point so go over the entire surface for good even coverage.

  1. Remove the top sheet of acetate, and then separate all the pieces of card and acetate from one another, you now have 2 sheets of glossy card with a lovely smooshed background and 2 sheets of smooshed acetate too!

Set all pieces aside to air dry naturally, once dry you will notice how the glossy accents medium has dried into a raised dimensional finish giving the posh impressions inks a lovely textural smoosh inked background effect.

You are now ready to use your background in your projects!

Background Samples Below: