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I was at a stamp show on Saturday and I noticed on sale lots of ‘Moon Glow Spritzer Bottles’. They are little spray bottles filled with moon glow powdered pigments and gum arabic, what you do is: add water to the bottle, shake, then spray onto card to create wonderful spritzed backgrounds.

I couldnt help but think when I saw them how overpriced they was for a little moon glow and gum arabic, in a bottle, seems a bit of a waste for a stamper on a budget such as myself. So I went away with the idea and resolved to have a go at making my own

First of all let me say that Moonglow, Fairie Dust and Pearl Ex are all made from the same powdered pigment substance. People are often asking me what the differences are. The only differences are the colours available within each brand name, and the price you pay.

Moonglow is available in palettes of 13 different colours, all of which are very vivid and and intense in colour. They specialise in interferance and two tone colours. All this means is, that the powder changes colour depending on the background you use. If you move it in the light the colour changes to reveal different hues and tints.

Pearl Ex is available in little packs, large gift sets or individually by the pot. They have a large range of colours, but not as many as there is available in the Moonglow range. My favourite colours are the Interferance Violet and Interferance Gold, as they come up beautifully when mixed with clear embossing powder: mix 1 part pearl ex to 3 parts embossing powder and shake!

Fairie Dust is also available in palettes of 13 different colours, it reminds me of the Moonglow range, but the colours arent as bright and intense, they are more of a pastel colour, and also available in lots of different interferance mixes too.

You can use all the above mentioned powdered pigments in exactly the same way. If you wish to paint with them you need to cream 1 part powdered pigment to 2 parts gum arabic first, the gum arabic acts as a binder which turns the powdered pigment into liquid form and allows it to be painted onto the surface without rubbing off afterwards. I find it best to mix the gum arabic with water first and add that to the powdered pigments as and when you want to use it.If your unsure about the quantities of mixing the gum arabic with water, you can buy it aready mixed in liquid form from most arts and craft shops.

If you dont have Gum Arabic to hand you can subsitute with Floor Wax Cleaner, in the USA the brand goes under the name of ‘Future Floor Wax’, in the UK it is known as ‘Johnsons Klear’.

To use powdered pigments with gum arabic or floor wax to paint with all you do is: pour a little gum arabic/floor wax into a plastic container, dip your brush into it, then dip into the powdered mica, cream both together onto a plastic container: I usually use the lid of the powdered pigment itself. Once creamed you can paint directly onto your surface.

The only powdered pigment I havent already mentioned is Perfect Pearls, these are very similar to the other powdered mica, with one exception, it already has an additive added to the powder to allow you to paint with pure water without having to mix with a binder first.

How To Create A Powdered Mica Spritzer Bottle

What You Need

Small Empty Soda Pop Bottle
Warm Water
Powdered Gum Arabic
Powdered Pigment of your choice
Empty Spray Bottle:
I recycle mine from old body sprays, room fragrants and conditioning spray bottles

How To Create

1. Take your empty soda pop bottle, and tap in aprox 1 teaspoon of powdered gum arabic.

2. Next pour warm water in the bottle until it is approx 1 third full.

3. Put the lid on the soda pop bottle, and give it a good shake for a few minutes. The more you shake the better the gum arabic dissolves in the water. Its important to have warm water, otherwise the powder will not mix properly. It should be warm enough to touch with your bare hands without burning.

4. Look at the gum arabic and water mixture in your bottle, it should have a smooth texture, and the colour should be cloudy (it reminds me of pond water at this point). If it isnt very cloudly you may need to add another teaspoon of gum arabic and mix again. Please note the bigger your bottle the more gum arabic you will need to add

5. Once you have the consistency you need, pour more warm water into the bottle so that it is approx half full and shake again to mix.

The bottle of gum arabic mixture you have just created can be used to create several spritzer bottles. I made 4 powdered mica spritzer bottles from 1 soda pop bottle of liquid gum arabic which was approx half full.

6. Next tap 1 teaspoon of powdered pigment into the empty spray bottle.

7. Pour about 1 quarter of the already mixed gum arabic on top of the powdered pigment.

8. Put the lid on your spray bottle and shake it for a couple of minutes to allow the powdered pigment to mix properly with the liquid gum arabic.

9. Once mixed, add more of the liquid gum arabic mixture to the container so it is now approx half full in the spray bottle. Shake again to mix together.

10. Do a test on the back of your hand by spritzing the spray bottle to make sure everything has mixed together properly. If the colour is not vivid enough for you, you can add more mica powder at this point and shake again. I kept mixing more mica until I got the colour intensity I was after.

11. Finally pour warm water into the spray bottle to fill it up to the top and shake once more to mix.

Your mica spritzer is ready to use!

Please Note: Each time you want to use your mica spritz you will need to give it a gentle shake to mix the colour through the mixture as it will settle at the bottom

Now you are ready to spray your bottles! It looks exceptionally stunning on dark glossy card stock! Try it and see!

Powdered Mica Spritzer Backgrounds

Black Gloss Card Backgrounds

Black Matt Card Backgrounds

White Gloss Card Backgrounds


Ok so you could actually use your credit card to BUY art stuff but thats not what I had in mind!Im talking about those fake credit cards you sometimes get in the post, or those mobile phone top up cards and loyalty points store cards too. I love to collect those and use them in my art projects. Infact I use my credit card more than I use sponges and brushes!

So it got me thinking; what other things can you use a credit card for in stamping and art�

I thought Id start a list of useful ways to use a credit card, if you can think of any ways I havent already mentioned please leave a comment on this post and I�ll add your suggestions to my list!

Creative Ways To Use A Credit Card:

Credit Card Background Technique – this is a cool background technique which you can create a colourful rainbow background. Check the link out!

Painting Tool – I use mine all the time to scrape paint onto card or canvases, what I love best about it is that you can use the edge of the credit card to make lines and criss crosses with the paint to make patterns. You can also use it to actually scrape and lift off the paint as well to add texture in the background.

Glue Spreader – This is my current favourite use for the credit card! Squirt a tiny drop of glue onto your project and then use the edge of the credit card to spread the glue along evenly – it makes the glue go a lot further!

Bone Folder – I use the credit card as a card creaser and bone folder, you fold your card in half and then use the credit card to go along the folded edge to make the fold smoother and crisp.

Removing Air Bubbles – If you are making altered book pages or collages and gluing a lot of pages then you can use the credit card to go over the freshly glued papers to remove any air bubbles and make sure the papers are stuck fast!

Altering – Apply 2 coats of gesso to the actual credit card and you will give it a great �tooth� which will enable you to paint and alter the actual credit card itself!

Make A Comb – Use scissors to snip teeth in the edge of the credit card to make a plastic paint comb – this is perfect for using with acrylic paint to add dimension and interest on your backgrounds.

This list is ongoing – if you think of anything please leave a comment on my blog and I’ll add it!