This time you will need some basic Kitchen Roll or Paper Towelling to make these yummy dark shiny backgrounds!

What You Need:

  • Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel
  • Plastic Sheet (I use food bags)
  • Black Acrylic Paint (or any dark colour)
  • Torn off section of bathroom sponge (for applying paint)
  • Metallic or Pearlescent Acrylic Paints (colour of your own choice)

How To Create:

1. Take a square section of paper towel and place it onto a sheet of plastic wrap – I use plastic food bags for this, if they arent big enough you can cut the bag down the sides to open it up double so your paper towel will fit onto the sheet. This step is important because the towel becomes very fragile when it is wet and prone to tearing. Also you can let the tissue dry on the plastic and later remove it without ruining your background – newspaper just sticks to the tissue and can ruin your precious backgrounds!

2. Take some black acrylic paint – or any dark colour such as purple, brown, navy, maroon or forest green, pour it onto a torn off section of a piece of sponge (a sponge is softer on paper towel and stops it from tearing) and carefully dab paint all over the surface of the towel until it is completely covered.

3. Allow paint to dry. Impatient types might prefer to blast with the magic heat gun 🙂

4. Carefully crumple the painted tissue paper to get some textures going – dont be too rough!!! Then flatten it out again.

5. Using at least 2 different metallic or pearlescant acrylic paints; I use gold and metallic pink as they work beautifully together. Lightly sponge on the colours onto the tissue sparingly – you want to accent the textures and the patterns in the tissue paper and not completely cover it as the darker base coat needs to be visible to create a lovely contrast.

Once paint is dry your background is ready to use in your projects! Photo below doesnt do this background justice! You really need to MAKE some to see how dazzling this background technique is!
Have fun!

Next I decided to have a go at doing the black pearl background technique on TINFOIL to see what it looked like. When the black paint had dried I crumpled the foil up, then kinda applied pressure on the foil to remove some of the paint from the raised area of the tinfoil so bits of silver peeked through. Then I dabbed on assorted metallic paints, see below for a scan: