Ok so you could actually use your credit card to BUY art stuff but thats not what I had in mind!Im talking about those fake credit cards you sometimes get in the post, or those mobile phone top up cards and loyalty points store cards too. I love to collect those and use them in my art projects. Infact I use my credit card more than I use sponges and brushes!

So it got me thinking; what other things can you use a credit card for in stamping and art�

I thought Id start a list of useful ways to use a credit card, if you can think of any ways I havent already mentioned please leave a comment on this post and I�ll add your suggestions to my list!

Creative Ways To Use A Credit Card:

Credit Card Background Technique – this is a cool background technique which you can create a colourful rainbow background. Check the link out!

Painting Tool – I use mine all the time to scrape paint onto card or canvases, what I love best about it is that you can use the edge of the credit card to make lines and criss crosses with the paint to make patterns. You can also use it to actually scrape and lift off the paint as well to add texture in the background.

Glue Spreader – This is my current favourite use for the credit card! Squirt a tiny drop of glue onto your project and then use the edge of the credit card to spread the glue along evenly – it makes the glue go a lot further!

Bone Folder – I use the credit card as a card creaser and bone folder, you fold your card in half and then use the credit card to go along the folded edge to make the fold smoother and crisp.

Removing Air Bubbles – If you are making altered book pages or collages and gluing a lot of pages then you can use the credit card to go over the freshly glued papers to remove any air bubbles and make sure the papers are stuck fast!

Altering – Apply 2 coats of gesso to the actual credit card and you will give it a great �tooth� which will enable you to paint and alter the actual credit card itself!

Make A Comb – Use scissors to snip teeth in the edge of the credit card to make a plastic paint comb – this is perfect for using with acrylic paint to add dimension and interest on your backgrounds.

This list is ongoing – if you think of anything please leave a comment on my blog and I’ll add it!