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Handmade CD Card Cases

Ive been playing around a lot with Cd Art recently, so naturally I thought I would have a go at making card wallets to hold the cd art in.

The card wallets on this page where all created very simply without the use of a template, infact you could follow my instructions to enable you to make card wallets in different sizes to hold other items too.

I enjoyed the challenge of discovering ways to fasten and seal the wallets, and have chosen a couple of methods which you can see on the artwork on this page.

Read on for details

Supplies Used

  • A4 Cream Card Stock
  • Velvet Paper (optional)
  • Memories Artprint Brown Permanent Inkpad (Stewart Superior)
  • Sponges for DTP
  • Dye Inkpads: Kaliedacolour Desert Heat and Autumn Leaves (Clearsnap)
  • Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Scissors
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Bone Folding Tool
  • String
  • Gold Brads
  • Screw Covers (from hardware stores)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • CD Labels
  • Gold Eyelets
  • Eyelet Setter
  • Gold Cord
  • All Rubber Stamps Used By Scottish Borders Stamping


I have prepared visual instructions below to help you understand the process in which I created the CD Card Envelopes below:

1. Place your sheet of card stock in front of you, on the right hand side of the card, place a CD, use this to guide you when you fold the card, to enable you to make the wallet big enough to fit your CD inside. See below

All the blue lines in the diagram above are FOLD lines, you need to use the bone scoring tool to enable you to make crisp folds as shown above. If you use the CD as a guide, you wont need a proper template as you are folding the sheet of card around the actual CD itself. You could adapt this step to enable you to make a wallet which fits anything inside: no matter how small!

2. Following the fold lines, cut and remove the sections shown below in the diagram marked in purple. See below:

3. You are now left with a sheet of card shaped like below:

4. Score all fold lines so they are all facing the same direction

5. Apply double sided tape on one side of Flaps One and Two as seen in picture above, fold flaps over to face the other side.

6. Place the MAIN BODY of the card, over the top of Flaps One and Two, press down to seal onto the double sided tape.

You now have the basic shape of the CD Wallet

7. Stamp the CD wallet on both sides

I stamped mine using Artprint Brown Memories inkpad, and applied colours from rainbow inkpads using Hunter Green Memories, and rainbow dye pads.

8. In the centre of Flap Three, make a single hole using a single hole punch. This hole is what you use to make your fastener. See below for ideas of fasteners

9. Stamp on a CD Label, place on CD, and slip inside your wallet.

Your CD Wallet is complete!

Ideas For Fastening Your Wallet

  • Plastic Screw Covers:
    You can find these in hardware stores, I picked mine up for 80p for a pack of 40. They have 2 parts, one part clicks inside the other, see below for close up. You will need to punch a hole in both sides of the wallet to make them work. I painted mine with Gold Krylon Pen.
  • Eyelet Fasteners:
    For this I made 2 holes with a punch in the flap, set eyelets into the holes, and then on the main body of the cd I made 1 hole with an eyelet. I then secured a piece of gold cord through the hole in the main body in a loop. Then fed it through both eyelet holes to enable me to fasten it
  • Paper Brad Fasteners:
    For these I punched a single hole in both the main body and the flap. On the flap part I pushed a large paper brad through and secured. On the body part I secured a loop of string, which I pulled through the hole and threaded round the brad to secure at the front.

On some of the CD Wallets I stuck a strip of stamped velvet paper to the flap to add interest. More Cd Cases


I was playing around with some cd pieces the other day and I came upon this idea by accident

My latest addiction is the Credit Card Background technque and as I was playing with my cds I wondered what this technique would look like on cds too!

These are the results of my little experiments. They are really fun to make and make great pins!

What You Will Need:

Cd Pieces
Scrap Paper
Metallic Acrylic Paint
Fake Credit Card
Clear Embossing Powder
Plastic Container For Embossng Powder
Teflon Sheet or Baking Parchment
Heat Tool
Shrink Plastic
Stazon or Brilliance Inkpads
Versamark Inkpads
Rainbow Metallic Foil
Itty Bitty Beads

How To Create

1. Squirt little blobs (technical term here!) of metallic paints onto a sheet of scrap paper, I lined my paint blobs up in a little row.

2. Dip the edge of the credit card into the paint and lift a little paint, holding a cd piece in your other hand, swipe the paint from the credit card across the cd to transfer the paint

3. Immediately put your cd piece with wet paint on it, into a container of clear embossing powder, the powder will stick to the paint.

4. Place the cd piece onto your sheet of teflon or baking parchment, embossing powder side up. And heat the powder with your heat gun till it melts and goes clear.

While it is still hot, place back into the clear embossing powder for another layer. Reheat. Repeat this step until you have 3 to 4 layers of clear embossing powder. Set aside to cool

If you look at your cd pieces what you have just clear embossed, you will notice at this point they look like they have been enamelled with all different colours of embossing powders, but they havent!

You have used only clear embossing powder over the credit card technique to add your colour thus creating the illusion of enamelling.

They look pretty good left as they are, but I wanted to add a little more OOMPH to them as per directions below

5. While your Cd pieces are cooling, work with your shrink plastic, I stamped my shrink like so;

On the black shrink I used Gold or Silver Brilliance inkpads, and on the transclucent I used Black Stazon pad.

Some of the shrink I cut into shapes with Sizzix dies, others I simply tore to get a rough shape. Once you have stamped your shrink, heat it with an heat gun to shrink it.

6. Turn your shrunken shrink plastic embellishment over and swipe the back side of it with the Versamark inkpad, place immediately into clear embossing powder and apply heat.

You may well think Ive gone mad at this point, embossing the reverse of the shrink…but it will all become clear in a moment:)

7. By now your cd pieces should have cooled down a little and be safe to touch. Now you can get to work with your foiling.

Gently heat the surface of the clear embossing surface on your cd, you dont want it to become too hot and liquid, just warm to touch.

Carefully press a piece of foil onto the surface of the warm enamel, and apply a little pressure. I used my fingers to rub it, if its too hot for you, use a towel or something to protect your fingers.

8. Gently lift the foil and remove it from the cd piece, at this point you will notice some of the foil has stuck to the surface of the cd!

Depending on whether you are happy with how it looks, add more foil, using different colours, or leave it alone and move onto the next step!

9. Pick up your heat gun and melt the cd again, this time you want to get the whole cd hot so that the embossing powder starts moving and swirling, as you apply the heat, the foil starts to crinkle and takes on a texture all of its own.

Once the cd is heated, place into the container of clear embossing powder to apply another layer of ep.

10. Heat the surface of the cd to melt the layer of embossing powder you have just applied, and at the same time, reheat the back of the shrink plastic embellishment.

Once both have melted, press the shrink plastic gently into the liquid embossing powder to embed it. Use cocktail sticks or tooth picks to press it in firmly.

The embossing powder on the reverse of the Shrink acts as a kind of ‘glue’ and helps the cd, ep and shrink bond together better.

11. Heat the surface again, and the sprinkle on a final layer of clear embossing powder to seal the shrink plastic and the cd pieces together, and sprinkle on itty bitty beads to add hilights to your embellishments.

Now you have some funky card embellishments or pins! Have a go!

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