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These pocket cards are great for RAKS or for a small Christmas Gift as they feature a handy little pocket on the front of the card which is handy to slip inside a handmade bookmark, tag, magnet or even a shopping voucher from your recipients favourite stamp store!

The best thing about them is that you can stamp your pocket inserts to match the theme of the card too! They are very easy to make! Heres how!

General Supplies Used

  • A4 Sheet Cream Card Stock
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Small Mini Paper Brads
  • Memories Inkpad: Hunter Green
  • Stazon Inkpad: Forest Green
  • Memories Inkpad: Soft Wheat
  • Lady With Script Background Stamp By Time To Stamp
  • Post It Notes
  • Scissors
  • A4 Sheet Dark Green Card Stock
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Xyron With Magnetic and Laminate Cartridge
  • Gold Krylon Pen

How To Create

The following directions are for the card you see on the right hand side.

1. Take the Lady with Script stamp, and stamp it onto post it notes and cut it out to create several masks for later.

2. Take your A4 sheet of Cream card stock and cut in half longways so you are left with a long strip of card.

3. Next fold the card stock from the right hand side, so that you create a front flap which covers a third of the front of the card stock on the righthand side. See opposite for example

4. Trim the rest of card so that it fits comfortably onto the front of an A6 single fold card blank.

5. Open folded piece away from the front body of the card, you want to stamp on the left hand side of the front section. I used Hunter Green by Memories, and the Time To Stamp Lady with Script Image. With the aid of post it notes ‘masks’ I created earlier, I repeat stamped the image all over the entire left hand section to create a collaged background.

6. Once the lefthand side was collaged, I then folded over the right hand flap, and repeated the previous step only this time I used Forest Green Stazon Inkpad.

7. Next using the Soft Wheat Inkpad by Memories, I gently pressed and applied the inkpad all over the left hand section of the card which I had stamped previously with Hunter Green to create a tinted background.

8. Next I edged the edge of the right hand card flap using the Forest Green Inkpad to create a darker edge.

9. I then secured the front righthand flap onto the main body of the card using 2 mini gold brads; one at the top and one at the bottom. Leaving the middle section open to allow me to slip something inside.

10. Cut and fold the A4 sheet of dark green card stock in half to create a single fold card blank and affix the front pocket stamped card to the front of it using double sided tape.


This card is an easy one to make as there is no stamping involved! I deliberately made the card as minimalist as I could as I wanted to design a simple quick and easy festive card which could be created in 5 minutes. These are perfect for ‘production line assembly’ type cards as you can make all the Enameled Stars in advance, then attach them all to the front of cards later on.

I decided to use a purple card blank as my base for a modern retro style holiday card! The beauty of this card is that it could actually be used to suit any occasion and not just Christmas! So if you go mad making enameled stars like I did πŸ™‚ You can have a stash of cards to last you all year for any occasion!

You will need:

  • Purple Card Blank
  • Star Shaped Die Cut
  • Fuchsia Metallic Thread
  • Versamark Clear Embossing Pad
  • Embossing Powder: Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Embossing Heat Gun
  • Gold Accent Beads
  • Non Stick Embossing Sheet (or teflon cooking liner)
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Gold Peel Off Sticker – JOY


1. Take your star die cut shape and apply the clear versamark ink to one side of the shape. Place onto the non-stick embossing sheet.

2. Sprinkle silver embossing powder all over the star shape, heat to melt. Apply second layer of silver before it cools

3. While the embossing powder is still hot take a generous pinch of gold and copper embossing powders and sprinkle over the star shape. Heat.

4. Take a pinch of gold accent beads and sprinkle liberally over the star. Let cool.

5. Take the metallic thread and wrap it round the star shape in random directions.

5. Affix star with double sided tape to the front of the card blank.

6. Place greetings sticker.

Your card is complete!

The cards you see on this page were all created using multiple layers of embossing powders and pearl ex. They are really easy and fun to make!! What I love most about them is that even if you use the same colours and stamps; each time you do this technique you end up with a totally different effect!!

Try it yourself and see!

Materials Used:

  • Clear Embossing Powder or Dark Colour EP (you can use Utee if you have it)
  • Embossing Heat Gun
  • Non Stick Teflon Cooking Liner
  • Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad – I used Graphite Black, Cosmic Copper, Galaxy Gold and Plantinun Planet
  • Card Board Shapes – I cut mine using a Sizzix Die Cutter.
  • Soft Paint Brush
  • Pearl Ex Pigment Powders –

I used Russett (copper), Gold, Blue andΒ  Interference Violet

Rubber Stamps Used:

  • Elephants – Magenta
  • Tribal Masks – Magenta
  • Kokopeli – PSX
  • Poetic Prints – Hero Arts

How To Create:

  1. Take your card board piece and lay it on your non stick Teflon cooking sheet.
  1. Ink the card shape with the black inkpad, and sprinkle on clear or any dark colour of embossing powder
  1. Heat the embossing powder to melt, and working quickly before it cools add another layer of embossing powder over the top and heat set – repeat this step until you have approx 5-6 layers of normal embossing powder – if you are using utee you can use 3 layers.
  1. Next dip your soft brush into your pearl ex and quickly dust the pearl ex over the top of your embossed pieces.
  1. Ink up the rubber stamp you are going to use with any colour pigment inkpad (I like copper) and set to one side ready.
  1. Carefully re-heat your embossed card piece and wait for it to melt – the pigment powder will start to swirl and mix in with the embossing powder – the darker the embossing powder you use the more stark the contrast.
  1. Once the powder has re-heated, quickly press the rubber stamp onto the surface and leave it there. Do not rock or apply pressure. Count to 10 slowly; then remove the stamp from the embossing powder. Counting to 10 gives you enough time to allow the heated embossing powder to set on the design of the stamp.
  1. Your Embossed Pearl piece is ready for you to use on your cards! See examples on this page for ideas on how to layer them.


Experiment with this technique – I stamped on some larger pieces of card – they were so big I could actually fit 2 rubber stamps side by side on the hot embossing powder! You can embed rubber shelf liner into the hot embossing powder too and stamp on this! Try using pearl embossing powders and metallic pearl ex for another different effect!

Embossed Pearl Cards

I decided to take a break from the traditional colours of red and green and create some blue Christmas cards this year!

Im really addicted to Snowflakes at the moment so these cards where screaming out for me to make them!

The beauty of these cards is that they are really easy to create and you can get a production line going in no time at all!

Materials Needed

  • A6 (Quarter Size) Sheet White Card Stock
  • Cosmetic Sponges
  • Blue Breeze Kaliedacolour Rainbow Dye Inkpad
  • Silver And Ice Blue Glitter Gel Pens
  • Scrap Paper
  • Bright Blue Card Blanks
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Rub On Transfers – Winter Words
  • Wordfetti Christmas Word Stickers
  • Rubber Stamps Used

  • Small Snowflakes – Hero Arts And All Night Media
  • Large Snowflakes – Personal Stamp Exchange and All Night Media

How To Create

1. Take the quarter size sheet of white card stock, tear the sheet of scrap paper in half and use the scrap paper as a mask to create borders on your card.

Take a look at my cards on the right to see the different ways I created colour borders – some borders go all along the edges of the white card, some just down the sides, another has a thicker border at the bottom of the card for a more striking effect. Theres no rules – just let your imagination run away with you!

2. With the scrap paper in place, ink up the sponge with the Blue Breeze Kaliedacolour inkpad and apply the ink directly to the card stock. I used the lighter blues on the rainbow inkpad for this purpose.
3. Once you have sponged your borders you are ready to stamp! Take a look at my samples for ideas –

On some of the cards I stamped a large snowflake in the centre of the card for a main image and left it as it was! You can add further interest using small snowflake stamps to create borders around the larger snowflake using the scrap paper mask to help you.

On another card I repeat stamped a large snowflake to create a pattern.

Dont forget to allow the ink to dry!

4. Once you have stamped your card you can add colour to the larger snowflakes – I used a glitter gel pen for a dazzling glittery sheen with no mess! The beauty of using a gel pen to add interest is that the pen tip is so small so you dont go over the lines and its a lot easier to control than glitter glue!

5. Once the pen ink has dried you can now layer your card onto the front of a bright blue card stock using double sided tape.

6. Add that final touch by either rubbing down a Winter Sentiment transfer or sticking down a Wordfetti Christmas sticker!

Your Card Is Complete!

Inside Envelope Pocket Booklet

I was playing around with a sheet of A4 card trying to come up with a new way to make a mini booklet, when an idea struck me. Why not use envelopes to make a pocket booklet! I love to use envelopes in rubber stamp projects and especially for books but I usually end up making books with LOTS of envelopes in them! This booklet requires just 2!

The Envelope pockets are perfect for inserting artwork – I created 2 cards using the Apple and Pears theme – you could also use tag art or insert photos or even gift vouchers! It goes without saying that these would make great gift ideas too!

Read on for more details….

Supplies Used

  • A4 Sheet Sturdy White Card
  • 2 Envelopes (any size)
  • Permanent Memories Inkpad: Artprint Brown (Stewart Superior)
  • Sienna Ancient Page Permanent Inkpad (Clearsnap)
  • Peony Purple Fabrico Inkpad (Tsueseneko)
  • Sponges For Direct To Papering
  • Water Brush (Judikins)
  • Twinkling H20’s
  • Front Cover Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Peel Off Stickers: Brads and Circle Letters (Stampendous)
  • Rubber Stamps Used

  • Apples And Pears Sheet ( Time To Stamp )


1. Before you begin take your sheet of A4 card and lay it on your work surface horizontically. Place the envelopes you are going to use for this project on top of the card vertically. Use a pencil and ruler to draw a line across the A4 card to tell you how big the envelopes are on your card stock.

2. Allow a 1 inch border on the A4 card sheet and trim off the excess part of the card using a paper trimmer. Position the envelopes back on the card and they should now fit snuggly with a small border around them.

3. Fold the card stock in half to create a single fold card blank. Score edge with bone folder.

4. On either one of the unfolded edges, fold back the card on itself approx 1-2 inches (depends on the size of your envelopes and how big you want the fold to be) Score along fold with a bone folder.

5. Repeat step 4 with the other unfolded edge – use the fold you have already create as a guide to how big your fold needs to be. Score edge.

6. Apply Sienna Brown inkpad colour to the entire surface of the folded card using sponges.

7. Repeat stamp the apples and pear images over the surface of the front and back of your booklet using artprint brown.

8. On the edge flaps repeat stamp the apple and pear background texts with artprint brown. 9. Sponge the peony purple inkpad over the backs of both envelopes and also to the flaps. Let dry.

10. Repeat stamp the apple and pears on the envelopes – leave the flaps blank.

11. Measure and crop 2 sheets of card stock so they fit inside your envelopes. Stamp one in the theme of apples and the other in the theme of pears using artprint brown.

12. Paint apples and pear images on the booklet and also on the white card sheets using a waterbrush and Twinkling H20’s paints.

13. Use gold leafing pen to highlight the edges of the booklet and the envelopes as seen in the top image.

14. Turn booklet over so that the unstamped edge is facing up. Lay your envelopes on the left and right hand sides. Apply double sided tape to the reverse of the envelopes and stick them down on the panels.

15. Now apply double sided tape to the reverse of the booklet flaps and press them down on top of the envelopes.

16. Affix gold brad stickers to the inside flaps to embellish them.

17. Use letter stickers to spell out the words apple and pear on the corresponding envelopes.

18. Slip the white apple and pear cards inside your envelopes. Close your booklet. Your book is complete!

Pictures Of Inside Of Booklet With Cards Removed and Close Up Of Apple And Pear Card Inserts

Inside Book Cover With Cards Removed Apple And Pear Card Inserts