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Last week I did some experimenting with making graphite rubbings from tree bark and used watercolours to add colour to them. Yesterday I decided to experiment and see if I could do the same thing with my rubber stamps.

To make the rubbings I used crayola wax crayons, the types of papers I used were cartridge paper, tissue paper and coffee filter paper. The reason I chose these papers was because they were all thin enough to get a rubbing from. Thicker papers and cards dont work as well. The coffee filter paper I liked best because it was like very thin watercolour paper and soaked up the paints afterwards.

The overall rubbings image effect is distressed; kind of disorted and muted. The only drawback is that it gives you a backwards impression of your stamped image, but that doesnt really matter if your not using word stamps. Collage style stamps seem to be ideal for this as do stamps with very bold solid areas.

How To Make A Crayon Rubbing:

You place the tissue paper, cartridge paper or coffee filter paper onto the rubber side of the stamp, hold it in place with one hand, with the other hand use the entire length of a wax crayon (remove paper wrapping from the crayon first) and roughly drag the crayon over the top of the paper to take a dry rubbing of the stamp design.

When you add colour to the image the wax kinda acts like a resist, so you can soak the image with watercolours or colorwash sprays afterwards.

Here are some scans of the rubbings I made below:

Notes on Crayon Rubbings:

* First Rubbing Top Left: Using 96gsm cartridge paper, colour was added using watercolour paints.
* Second Rubbing Top Middle:Â Using 96gsm cartridge paper, this time no colour was added, I used 3 different colour crayons to get a rainbow rubbing.
* Third Rubbing Top Right: Using Tissue Paper, colour was added using watercolour paints.
* Fourth Rubbing Bottom Left: Using Tissue Paper and Adirondack Colourwash Sprays.
* Fifth Rubbing Bottom Right: Using Coffee Filter Paper and watercolour crayons.


Ive been experimenting with a pack of black lutradur sheets I had in my stash for a swap I signed up for, Ive been meaning to use my lutradur for ages but never got round to it. Adrienne announced a lutradur swap on UKArtSwaps which caught my eye – I now had an excuse to dig out my lutradur and actually USE it for a change 🙂

Heres a couple of backgrounds I did with the lutradur, havent made anything with most of them yet though! My next step with the background is to experiment with distressing them with my heat tool!

Dont forget to click all the pictures you see if you want to see bigger images!

Lutradur Metallic Rubbings:

I made this background using a sheet of black lutradur and a stamping mat to make a rubbing using metallic oil pastels. I love how the pastels pop out on the dark background

Lutradur Metallic Rubbings

Lutradur Metallic Rubbings

Lutradur Squirty Painted Background:

Various paints and colours where brushed and squirted directly onto the lutradur to make a painterly background, I then placed another sheet of lutradur on top of the painted sheet and pressed them together, then pulled them apart to make a print of the background. Both backgrounds are below (click for bigger)

Lutradur Painted Background

Lutradur Squirty Background

Lutradur Resist Background:

I made this background by first stamping a repeat pattern all over the sheet with metallic paint, once it was dry I rubbed over the top with another colour to make a kind of resist effect.

Lutradur Resist Background

Lutradur Oil Pastel Background:

I used metallic oil pastels gently rubbed over the black lutradur to bring out the patterns of the fibers. I love the feel of this background

Lutradur Oil Pastel Background

Lutradur Melted Oil Pastels Background:

This is one of my favourite backgrounds, I used various colours of both metallic and regular oil pastels to make this background, I used a hot encaustic wax iron to smear hot wax across the lutradur and added little droplets of wax to add accents.

Lutradur Melted Oil Pastels Background