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Inside Envelope Pocket Booklet

I was playing around with a sheet of A4 card trying to come up with a new way to make a mini booklet, when an idea struck me. Why not use envelopes to make a pocket booklet! I love to use envelopes in rubber stamp projects and especially for books but I usually end up making books with LOTS of envelopes in them! This booklet requires just 2!

The Envelope pockets are perfect for inserting artwork – I created 2 cards using the Apple and Pears theme – you could also use tag art or insert photos or even gift vouchers! It goes without saying that these would make great gift ideas too!

Read on for more details….

Supplies Used

  • A4 Sheet Sturdy White Card
  • 2 Envelopes (any size)
  • Permanent Memories Inkpad: Artprint Brown (Stewart Superior)
  • Sienna Ancient Page Permanent Inkpad (Clearsnap)
  • Peony Purple Fabrico Inkpad (Tsueseneko)
  • Sponges For Direct To Papering
  • Water Brush (Judikins)
  • Twinkling H20’s
  • Front Cover Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Peel Off Stickers: Brads and Circle Letters (Stampendous)
  • Rubber Stamps Used

  • Apples And Pears Sheet ( Time To Stamp )


1. Before you begin take your sheet of A4 card and lay it on your work surface horizontically. Place the envelopes you are going to use for this project on top of the card vertically. Use a pencil and ruler to draw a line across the A4 card to tell you how big the envelopes are on your card stock.

2. Allow a 1 inch border on the A4 card sheet and trim off the excess part of the card using a paper trimmer. Position the envelopes back on the card and they should now fit snuggly with a small border around them.

3. Fold the card stock in half to create a single fold card blank. Score edge with bone folder.

4. On either one of the unfolded edges, fold back the card on itself approx 1-2 inches (depends on the size of your envelopes and how big you want the fold to be) Score along fold with a bone folder.

5. Repeat step 4 with the other unfolded edge – use the fold you have already create as a guide to how big your fold needs to be. Score edge.

6. Apply Sienna Brown inkpad colour to the entire surface of the folded card using sponges.

7. Repeat stamp the apples and pear images over the surface of the front and back of your booklet using artprint brown.

8. On the edge flaps repeat stamp the apple and pear background texts with artprint brown. 9. Sponge the peony purple inkpad over the backs of both envelopes and also to the flaps. Let dry.

10. Repeat stamp the apple and pears on the envelopes – leave the flaps blank.

11. Measure and crop 2 sheets of card stock so they fit inside your envelopes. Stamp one in the theme of apples and the other in the theme of pears using artprint brown.

12. Paint apples and pear images on the booklet and also on the white card sheets using a waterbrush and Twinkling H20’s paints.

13. Use gold leafing pen to highlight the edges of the booklet and the envelopes as seen in the top image.

14. Turn booklet over so that the unstamped edge is facing up. Lay your envelopes on the left and right hand sides. Apply double sided tape to the reverse of the envelopes and stick them down on the panels.

15. Now apply double sided tape to the reverse of the booklet flaps and press them down on top of the envelopes.

16. Affix gold brad stickers to the inside flaps to embellish them.

17. Use letter stickers to spell out the words apple and pear on the corresponding envelopes.

18. Slip the white apple and pear cards inside your envelopes. Close your booklet. Your book is complete!

Pictures Of Inside Of Booklet With Cards Removed and Close Up Of Apple And Pear Card Inserts

Inside Book Cover With Cards Removed Apple And Pear Card Inserts


Handmade books are a lot easier to create than you might think!

There are literally hundreds of different styles of handmade books out there; from really simplistic to more intermediate for advance paper crafters.

Infact there’s always new exciting handmade book ideas being invented all the time! That’s what I love so much about this art form!

Why go through all the bother of making a book? Well why not! They look nice for starters! Also they are perfect to give as gifts as they are smaller than traditional scrapbooks. This makes them ideal for brag books as you can insert photographs of loved ones and give them out to family members as an extra special personal gift.

Handmade books can be created using any theme at all! Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Christenings, Special Occasions of Just Because! Mix and match using different papers, embellishments and stamps to suit all occasions and seasons. There’s no need to go out and buy expensive book making kits as you can make them yourself using basic equipment you will already have in your craft box.

This issue I thought we would concentrate on a basic handmade book based on the Concertina Book format. I designed it with Scrapbookers in mind as is like a mini scrapbook in itself and is perfect for adding your own photographs. It also serves as a perfect introduction to handmade books and be warned once you start you will get hooked! I did!

I am smitten with the Old Fashioned Vintage Victoriana at the moment; which is why I chose it for the theme of my handmade book! I’m not a scrapbooker (just a mad stamperholic) therefore I didn’t have any photographs to use for this project. Instead I used a set of Vintage images I had which I cut from a set of greetings card. You could use photographs from your collection instead of this.

Also I have created all of the backgrounds used in the book using my rubber stamps – If you don’t have any large background stamps you could substitute with vintage scrap book papers instead.

Ok let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:

  • 4 Sheets A5 Card Stock (Colour Of Your Choice – Make sure your paper is Acid Free if You Wish To Use With Photographs)
  • A6 Sheet Card Stock
  • Various Colour Card Stocks For Stamping And Layering– White, Cream, Black, Burgundy, Natural.
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Acid Testing Pen
  • Bone Folding Tool (or a blunt knife edge)
  • Double Sided Tape (use Acid Free if required e.g. Xyron tape)
  • Gold Peel Off Stickers – Circle Letters, Brads, Corners, Eyelets, Borders And Butterflies.
  • Rebecca Sower Fresh Cuts Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Printed Vintage Images –or- Your could use photographs
  • Watercolour Pencils (Derwent)
  • Water And Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Unwanted Cd
  • Scrabble ‘Memories’ Word
  • Victorian Fancy Edge Scissors
  • Beth Coates Collage CD
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Hot Off The Press Vintage Lace Paper

Inkpads Used:

  • Brilliance – Galaxy Gold (Or Similar Archival Quality)
  • Memories – Artprint Brown, Black, Hunter Green, Soft Leaf And Port Red (Or Similar Archival Quality)

Rubber Stamps Used:

  • Tulip – Anna Griffin
  • Italian Script Background – Hero Arts
  • Handwriting Background – Stampa Rosa
  • Leaf Stamp – Penny Black
  • Rose Postcard – Personal Stamp Exchange
  • Hold Onto Your Dreams – Personal Stamp Exchange
  • Word Tags – My Sentiments Exactly
  • Anyone Sees Beauty – Personal Stamp Exchange
  • Border – Cherry Pie Art Stamps

Creating The Concertina Book:

  1. First of all take the 4 A5 sheets of card and fold them all in half to make A6 single fold card blanks. Score along the edges with a bone folder (or blunt knife edge) to get a nice crisp fold.
  1. Put 1 card blank aside for later. Now take the 3 folded card blanks and set them in front of you. Take 1 card blank and apply a strip of double sided tape along the outside edge (the unfolded edge). Take another card blank and affix it exactly over the top of the other: See Figure 1 Diagram.

  1. Repeat this step to affix the 3rd card blank. Your basic concertina book is now assembled and should look like this: See Figure 2 Diagram.

  1. Take the fourth card blank and trim it approximately just over half the size in length. Note: You do not want to cut along the fold yet.
  1. Take the Cd; place it on the card stock you have just trimmed, place it against the folded edge and let it go off the side of the card stock. Using a pencil draw around the circle to make a rounded shape. Cut along this line with scissors. See: Pocket Figure1 Diagram.

  1. Now trim along the fold of the card blank to separate and create 2 sheets of card.
  1. Turn one sheet of card over so the curved edge is facing outwards towards the left, and the other sheet facing the right. See: Pocket Figure 2 Diagram.

On the sheet with the curve on the left: score and fold 1 cm on the right and bottom of the card and fold inwards.

On the sheet with the curve on the right: score and fold 1cm on the left and bottom of the card and fold inwards.

These are going to be your 2 pockets for your handmade book.

8.  Trim the corners off the pocket flaps ready for assembling on your book.

9.  Affix Hot Off The Press Vintage Lace Scrapbook paper over the top of both pockets and trim off excess.

  1. Affix scrapbook or stamped papers to the inside covers of the book using tape.
  1. Place double sided tape on the reverse of the 2 flaps on both pockets and position them to the inside you’re your book cover over the top of the paper you have just layered.
  1. Take 2 strips of card stock in a contrasting colour approx 4 cms wide – you want them to be the same length as your handmade book.
  1. Fold and score both strips in half vertically.
  1. Use double sided tape and affix them over the top of the edges of the book to seal and secure the edges where you stuck the Concertina pages together. These acts as book binding which makes your book more secure. : See Figure 3 Diagram.

  1. Apply Gold Krylon Leafing pen to the edges of the card strips to embellish the book binds.

Now To Decorate Your Pages and assemble your images, papers, photos and artwork! Here how I did mine:

Front Cover Directions: (front cover shown above) Stamp Tulip With Memories Inkpad on Cream. Apply colour using watercolour pencils and paint brush. Tear round image. Apply gold leafing to edge of the image to highlight it. Stamp word background onto natural paper using Memories Hunter Green Inkpad. Tear round paper and stick onto the front of the book cover. Position the tulip over the top. Add embellishments using peel off stickers: brads and borders and scrabble letters.

Page One Directions: Stamp Postcard stamp with black inkpad on white card, colour with watercolour pencils, trim. Print out vintage images on computer from Collage Cd and apply light colour with Tan watercolour pencil to age them. Tuck all inserts inside the pocket on your book. Affix butterfly peel off sticker to the pocket.

Page Two Directions: Stamp word background onto white card using black inkpad. Sponge colour using household sponges and rainbow dye inkpad. Trim and affix to page 2 of the booklet. Trim vintage image and layer onto background over a strip of black card. Stamp Hold On Your Dreams with Port Red inkpad, cut with fancy scissors, edge with gold pen and affix to the lover half of the book page. Apply peel off stickers to spell out the word Beauty and add embellishments to finish.

Page Three Directions: Stamp tag image onto cream card using Artprint Brown inkpad. Cut out the hope, trust, faith and love tags. Punch holes in top. Apply eyelet stickers to the holes. Position the tags onto the page. Add peel off embellishments as shown.

Page Four Directions: Stamp leaf stamp repeatedly onto cream card using Soft Leaf inkpad to create a background. Trim and affix to the page. Trim out Vintage couple image and layer onto black cardstock. Affix to the page over the top of the background. Use peel off stickers to spell out the word LOVE and add embellishments to the page.

Page Five Directions: Stamp border stamp repeatedly onto black and burgundy paper using gold inkpad. Position then both onto the page. Cut out Vintage lady and affix to the page over the background. Stamp Anyone Who Sees Beauty stamp onto white card using Port Red inkpad. Trim with fancy edge scissors, edge with gold and affix to the page. Cut out Fresh Cuts image and position to page. Use peel off stickers to spell out the word HOPE and add further embellishments.

Page Six Directions: Print out various postcards images and apply colour using watercolour images. Slip inside pocket. Affix butterfly peel off sticker to embellish to finish.

Your Book Is Complete!

I hope you have as much fun creating your book as I did!

More Samples Of Brag Book:

Left Hand Pocket With Inserts Removed:

Right Hand Pocket With Inserts Removed:

Printed Vintage Inserts I put inside the pockets:

The concept behind birthday books; is that they are to be given as a gift, and inside they feature a collection of greetings cards.
The lucky recipient uses the calendar pages inside the book to mark off important birthdays and anniversaries and uses the actual cards to send to people on those special occasions.

Creative Cards member Adrienne Goodenough created a gorgeous birthday book using a template she had adapted from one we saw online; which can be seen in this months issue. When I saw her lovely project it inspired me to design a similar smaller template to make the book you now see on this page.

The beauty of this style of book is that it can very easily be adapted to use as a diary or a simple appointment book which would all make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life.

The cover of the book which can be seen opposite  features a Beeswax Collage which can also be seen elsewhere on this site!

I love to make books and had a lot of fun creating this project! I hope you too will be inspired to try!

Read on for details…

Materials Used:

Birthday Book Shown With Greetings Card Inserts - Click For Larger  Detailed Version

  • Birthday Book Template (opens pdf file)
  • 15 A4 Sheets Heavy Card Stock  – all same colour – I used dark cream/yellow
  • 2 Sheets A4 Dark Colour Card Stock
  • Bone Folding Tool
  • Paper Trimmer – or craft knife & ruler
  • Strong Double Sided Tape
  • Black Satin Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Heart Shaped Die Cut Card
  • Glitter And Metallic Gel Pens – Sakura
  • Cream String
  • Scrap Book Papers :
  • Rusty Pickle & K&Company (Lifes Journey)
  • Rebecca Sower – Fresh Cuts Buttons, Natures Walk & Flowers
  • HOTP Paper Pizazz Paper Charms
  • Victorian Decoupage Scraps (Mamelok)
  • Dictionary Definitions  (K&Company)
  • Scrabble Words – (http://www.innovativestampcreations.com/)
  • Postage Stamps
  • Peel Off  Stickers (Class A Peels) in: Borders, Brads, Frames, Eyelets, Letters, Words and Name Plaques.
  • Safety Pin and Beads
  • Gold Krylon Pen
  • Gold Vellum
  • Fleur De Lys Craft Punch
  • Beeswax Collage *see this months Technique Of  The Month for directions

Rubber Stamp Supplies Used:

  • Derwent Water Colour Pencils
  • Judikins Water Brush
  • Memories Inkpads in: Brown, Art Print Brown, Soft Leaf & Hunter Green
  • Black Stazon Inkpad
  • Brown Card Stock
  • Pigment Ink Paint Palette (Colorbox) – Forest & Carnival
  • Scrap Paper

Rubber Stamps Used:

  • Front Cover: Face – Cherry Pie, Vintage Woman – Hero Arts, Flower – Diffusion
  • January’s Page: Simple Touch – Stampington, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • February’s Page: Heart in Circle – Diffusion, Large Ladies Face –  Stampfranscisco
  • March’s Page: Both Hero Arts
  • April’s Page: 3 Muses – Judikins, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • May’s Page: Lady And Letter Collage – Inkadinkadoo, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • June’s Page: Davinci Woman – Stampington, Face – Cherry Pie, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • July’s Page: La Divina – Hero Arts, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • August’s Page: Optical Illusion – Hero Arts, Face – Stampinks, Heart in Circle – Diffusion
  • September’s Page: Vintage Woman – Hero Arts, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • October’s Page: 3 Gibson Girl Faces – Diffusion, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • Novembers Page: Imagine Collage – Personal Stamp Exchange, Background Poetic Print – Hero Arts
  • December’s Page: Vintage Tag – Hero Arts, Heart In Circle – Diffusion

How To Create:

Preparing The Calendar Pages:

  1. Print the Birthday Book Template onto paper – you can use colour if you wish, I used white printer paper and added the colour to each month myself using a colorbox paintpad to apply the ink direct to the paper.
  1. Cut out all the pages leaving a small border around the calendar page; apply 4 layers of doubled sided tape to the reverse of each page and set aside for later.

Folding And Assembling The Book:

To make the instructions easier to understand I have created diagrams using a drawing program – please not these are not to scale!

Creating The Book Pages –

Each calendar month book page is created from one whole sheet of A4 (regular sized) sheet of card stock.  The page features a ‘slip pocket’ on the right hand side of the page to enable you to slip greetings cards inside. To create this pocket, you make one simple fold as shown below:

Once you have folded and made your first page, you need to repeat the steps above for the other 11 pages.

Once I had created the pages I stamped each page using rubber stamps and added colour using the ‘Direct To Paper Technique’.

The main body of the pages on the left hand side will feature the calendar, so you only need to stamp a border as the centre will not be visible.

Use scrap paper to create a mask which will protect areas of the pages you don’t want to be stamped on.

I added highlights to the stamped images using watercolour pencils and glaze pens.

I added further interest to the pages by sticking down collage pictures, postage stamps, stamped images and embellishments.

Once stamped and coloured, affix 1 calendar page to the main body of each of the 12 pages and set aside for later.

Creating The Concertina Book Spine –

The book is held and binded together using a simple concertina spine which is created by folding an A4 sheet of card – fan style.

See the 2 diagrams below for further details:

Once you have created the concertina spine you are ready for attaching your book pages to it!

Attaching The Pages To The Spine –

This step is very easy; but it’s hard to visualize in written instructions! Hopefully the diagrams below will make it easier to understand. It helps to remember that you want to ‘sandwich’ the mountain folds of the spine inside your pages which makes it invisible:

Binding The Book –

To bind the book together securely I used 1” thick satin ribbon, on the top on bottom of the book covers I used 2 small strips of ribbon, and across the centre a long strip of ribbon which also acts as a ‘tie’ for tying the book together, heres how:

Finishing The Book –

Once the ribbon was in place, I affixed 2 plain sheets over card over the top of the front and back pages to cover and hide the ribbon.

I then decorated the front page of the book using torn paper and card scraps and affixed a beeswax collage I made earlier.

To bring the project together I made some vintage style greetings cards to slip inside the pockets of the book and my project was complete!

Birthday Book Pages – Click On The Pictures Below To Open Up A Larger Detailed Version

January - Click For Larger Detailed Version February - Click For Larger Detailed Version

March - - Click For Larger Detailed Version April - Click For Larger Detailed Version

May - Click For Larger Detailed Version June - - Click For Larger Detailed Version

July - Click For Larger Detailed Version August - Click For Larger Detailed Version

September - Click For Larger Detailed Version October - Click For Larger Detailed Version

November - Click For Larger Detailed Version December - Click For Larger Detailed Version