On the right type of card stock household bleach can be used to create amazing colour tones on your rubber stamped artwork.

First of all what bleach do you use? The cheapest nastiest bleach is the best!! Say no to fragrance or concentrated bleach as they do not work for this technique.

I used a water brush for applying my bleach, in the past when I have tried bleach its always splattered a little and made a mess. With a water pen you get no mess at all. The water brush I used was created by Pental and I bought it from my local craft shop for £4. Its a plastic brush with an empty barrel, you pour bleach into the barrel to use it.

The trickiest thing about using bleach is finding card that will actually bleach and change colour!

From experimenting with bleach I’ve found that if a card is acid free it doesn’t bleach, so you need to find card that isn’t acid free. Also Canford card and art papers and card which are fade resistance doesn’t work either!

As a rule I found some of the cheaper card I had worked, and card with a slight texture on the surface (similar to watercolor card) also worked.

Practically most of the black card I used didn’t work! And what little black card DID work had to be bleached several times for any change to be noticeable. I had the best instantaneous results with pink, lilac and red colour card stock.

You need to stamp and emboss the image you want to bleach onto the colour card stock so that it is sealed and protected from the bleach.

I stamped with a black pigment inkpad and embossed in clear powder on some of the card stocks. On others I stamped using a versamark inpad and embossed over that in clear so that the embossed image was the same as that of the card stock.

Once you have stamped and embossed your images you are ready to bleach!

You can hilight and paint away certain areas of your rubber stamped image using the bleach or you can bleach away the entire surface. Experiment to see which you like best.

Sometimes you have to add more than one layer of bleach to get a colour change. Wait 5 minutes to allow the bleach to dry and change the colour of the card stock before applying another layer.