Ive been pondering about making digital stamps for a while and have always been put off cos people have always told me I need to have paint shop or photo shop to do this.

Anyway rather and go out and buy these programs I wondered if I could make digital stamps with the programs I do have.

I went and looked at the directions on the art-e-zine website for making digital stamps using photoshop (http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/stampps.html).

I dont have photoshop but I had a look at the instructions anyway to see if I could understand them and translate them to the program I do use.

To cut a long story short, you dont have to have paint shop or photo shop to create your own digital stamps – any good imaging program will do. I used a program which actually came with my scanner driver called Photo Studio 2000 (arcsoft). In one morning using this simple software I’d managed to create a series of digital stamps in next to no time at all!

To make a digital stamp, first choose any vintage image or photograph, if its a colour one, click the tool to convert to either black and white or greyscale – depending on the program you use. This tool is usually situtated on one of the drop down menus at the top of the screen within the program itself.

Heres the photo I worked with to begin with:


Next you need to access the BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST TOOL (again one of the drop down menus) and adjust your photo until you have removed all of the grey or most of the grey from the photo and its almost black and white. The contrast tool does this best I find as appossed to the brighness tool – tweak and play till you get the effect you want. See below for picture at this stage:


Next you need to get up the THRESHOLD tool, play around with this – moving the slide tool in one direction will add on more black, moving it in the opposite way will remove black (and add more white) Tweak till your happy with how it looks. See mine below:


Thats it!

No need for photoshop or need to learn lengthy tools and gadgets and program lessons and tutorials.

Once you’ve created your digital stamp you can add text and word backgrounds to give it a collage look, or you can apply backgrounds and gradients to your digital stamp to achieve different looks. See below for some of the effects I tried out:

pinked.jpg fill3.jpg fill.jpg

Another great tool to play with is the negative tool once youve adjusted the brightness and contrast and threshold for a reverse image. See below:

Once you’ve dont that you can play around with adding text and backgrounds and stuff and go mad experimenting!

Heres a digital collage stamp I created using the above image with letters and backgrounds and words layered together to make a stamp:

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:


Finished Stamp:


Digital Background Effects Using Digital Collage Stamp:

vampstampfilled2.jpg vampstampfilled3.jpg vampstampfilled.jpg

Its really easy once you get going and you can apply all sorts of effects and colours!

Try it yourself and see!

In need of photos to make your own digital stamps with? Check out the following link: