I have this idea rattling round in my head, so Ive decided to have a little experiement, I dont even know if its going to work, but Im uploading it anyway to show the progress of this idea as it evolves…

Step 1:
First of all I repeat stamped a long strip of stamp designs using rainbow inks and applied colour over the top using dtp. Ive scanned small sections of these strips and uploaded them below – the actual sizes of the full strips is A3 in length (2 computer sheets of paper stuck together lengthways)




Step 2:

For this next step I seperated each stamped design sheet from the page and concertina folded them. I then drew a heart shape on the top of the concertina folds and cut around it to make a long garland of hearts – kinda like the paper dollies we used to make when we where kids…

See scan below for a scan of some my paper heart strings:


Step 3:
The hearts are quite small and approx 2-3 will fit across an artist trading card, so I cut up some printed scrapbook papers I had and used them as atc blanks. I then assembled the hearts across them horizontally to make the following atcs and added embellishments to finish:






Thats it! I was surprised that it worked – well not really as I knew you could make strings like this from making paper dollys this way as a child, but I wondered what it would look like if I made a smaller version for atcs!

Just think you could make ANY shape at all for any theme atcs – flowers, leaves, trees, stars, dolls….skys the limit!