I got the idea for making these cards from those children’s Pattern Block Puzzle sets you can get with colourful geometric shapes which are used for making abstract patterns and pictures. I have vivid memories of making pictures of fish and birds using these shapes as a child, and wanted to recreate this style in my stamping.

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about I found a scan of these blocks online and uploaded it for you to see below:

You can see the cards I made below:

For this technique you need 2 or 3 identical stamped images. The trick is to colour your images all different.

If your using 2 stamped images, you could leave one image uncoloured and colour the other to make them different from each other. Or if you are using 3 images, you can colour all 3 in different styles.

Once you have coloured the images, cut the images out, I found it easier to use a block stamp, for example a square or a rectangle, that way the images would all be the same size when cut out.

Gather your images together and layer them on top of one another, using scissors make abstract cuts into the image to create geometric shapes. Continue until you have done this for the entire image.

Next take a sheet of card stock and lay your stamped images on top of this and reassemble the stamped images, only instead of assembling one complete image using 1 colour scheme, assemble using the different colours by replacing pieces with another colour.

Once you have assembled your pix, you can stick it down to card. I found they Pattern Blocks look best on dark card, and also if you leave a slight border round each piece as it adds a nice touch.

Everlasting Pattern Block Cards:

These two cards were created by stamping an image by Chapel Road Art Stamps twice, one image I left uncoloured and the other image I direct to papered with blue and green  inks. The results are the top 2 cards. The word stamp is by Inkadinkadoo.

Wood Cut Pattern Block Card:

These 3 cards were created using a Magenta stamp, I stamped the image twice on white card and once on earth tone card. I water coloured the image on both the earth tone and the white card, then on the second white image I water coloured the background blue to set it apart from the others. Word stamp by Rubber Stampede.

Scenic Pattern Block Card:

This card was created by stamping an image by Stampendous 3 times, on one image I water coloured in the ‘proper’ colours, on another I water coloured in blues, and the final I water coloured in grey tones to create this card.

More Ideas For Pattern Blocking:
Use white card stock and stamp the same image in different colours of dye ink. Use dark colour card stock and stamp using metallic or pearl inkpads. Take 2 sheet of card stock exactly the same size and stamp a different collage on each, add colour and then cut up to make pattern blocks. Cut up handmade backgrounds to make pattern blocks! Experiment! See what you can come up with and email your scans to me!