I came across this technique online and decided to play around with it and experiment and see what I could come up with.

This technique is perfect for those large background stamps or for those highly detailed stamps which take forever to colour in. As you only have to colour in a small section of the image to create a spot light.

Its a very easy and fun technique which all stampers can create no matter if you are a beginner or an ‘old timer’

Traditional Spotlight Technique:

These instructions are for the traditional technique, you can see the type of card you are going to create from the sample below:

What You Will Need:

2 Identical Stamped images: you can emboss your images if you wish or use dye ink.

Colour Medium of your choice: ie pencils or markers or paints.


Small Circle or Square Template to cut around:
I used scrap booking templates, but if you don’t have any you can draw around anything to get a shape. You could even use the lids of your embossing powder jars!


Black or colour brush marker pen

Double Sided tape or Glue

Paper for Layering

Card Blank

How To Create:

1. Put one stamped image aside for the moment as you don’t need that yet.

Take your template and move it around the other stamped image and decide which part of the image you wish to spotlight. Once you have chosen your spotlight area, use the pencil to draw around the shape.

2. Using the colour medium of your choice add colour within the shape you have just drawn around and ignore the rest of the stamped image.

3. Using scissors cut around the outline of the shape you have just coloured in.

4. Using the brush marker pen gently add a ring of colour around the cut edge of the shape you have just cut out.

Please note this step is optional but I have noticed if you edge your spotlight you get a more prominent effect in this technique.

5. Using the double sided tape or glue, position and line up the spotlight over the top of the un coloured image identically so that it fits. (For a better idea see the cards in the gallery below.)

6. Cut around your un coloured image and layer it onto background papers then finally onto cardstock to finish.

Thats how easy it is to spotlight!

Experimenting With Spotlight Technique:
This is my favourite part of any new technique..experimenting to try and find new approaches to the technique.

Spotlight Templates

You can make your spotlight any shape you want! Take a look at your craft punchers! The make great spotlight templates! Also die cuts and scrapbook templates in every shape and size. Theres no reason why your spotlights have to be just squares and circles.

3 Dimensional Spotlights

Create 3 dimensional spotlights with pop dots and double sided foam tabs instead of glue or doubled sided tape. Perfect for flower images where you want a flower head to literally pop off the page.

Faux Spot Lights

Instead of using 2 images to create a spotlight card, you can fake it with one image!

Heres how to emulate the spotlight technique:

1. Decide which part of your image you want to spotlight and draw round a template lightly with a pencil onto your stamped image.

2. Add colour within the shape you have drawn.

3. Using a pencil eraser rub out the pencil lines of the shape.

4. Finally crop and mount the whole image onto background and cardstock to finish.

Your faux spotlight is complete!

Reverse Spotlights

Spotlights normally have a coloured spotlight mounted on top of a none coloured image. Why not try reversing the process and coloring the entire base print and mounting an un coloured spotlight over the top of it!

Direct To Paper Spot Lights

Instead of colouring with pencils etc you can use your inkpads to create direct to papered spotlight

Two Tone Spotlights

You can use this technique to create a two tone spotlight effect. For the 2 tone spotlight you need to colour in BOTH of the stamped images in different colours.

For example, I created a leaf card, in one layer I direct to papered the image in spring colours and the other layer I used fall colours. I then spotlighted one tone over the other.

Hi lighted Spot Lights

Instead of cutting out a template shape to create a spotlight you can use scissors to cut out certain parts of the stamped image to create a hi light.  For a better idea see:

Inked Spotlights

Rather than add colour using a colour medium you can use the actual ink you stamp with or the paper you stamp upon to create a spotlight effect.

Spotlights Under the Surface

Spotlights are normally affixed to the top of the base image…well theres nothing to stop you from mounting them underneath!

1. Draw around the spotlight template on the plain un coloured base image.

2. Use a craft knife to cut out the shape you have just drawn.

3. Affix a coloured spotlight UNDER the area you have just cut away using glue or pop dots to create a dimension!

Create a Shiny Spotlight!

Diamond Glaze Spotlights
You can use diamond glaze or liquid embossing to create a shiny glass effect spotlight for your card.

UTEE Spotlights
Swipe the spotlight with a versamark or embossing inkpad and sprinkle on clear UTEE or embossing powder and apply to heat source to melt for a glass tile effect spotlight.

Laminated Spotlights
You can use an Xyron or laminator or cold laminating sheets to create another glassy spotlight on your card.

Acetate Spotlights

When creating your spotlight card; stamp one image onto card stock and another onto acetate. Use the image stamped on acetate to create a spotlight by adding colours to the back of the image using over head projection pens or glass paints or lumieres. Cut out and use a clear drying glue to affix the spotlight over the top of the stamped base image.

These are some ideas I came up with while experimenting with this technique…maybe YOU have some more?

Card Gallery: