This style of collaging is not new, but its an unique and fun way of making collage style cards, particulary if you are scared or unsure of how to approach the collage and arty style of stamping.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 Sheets of White A4 Card Stock
  • Black Inkpad
  • Collage & Art Type Stamp Designs
  • Dye or Pigment Inkpads for DTP
  • Cosmetic Sponge for applying colour to card.
  • Ruler & Pencil
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Card Blanks or ATCs to make cards with

Basically for this technique you will need 2 sheets of white card stock both exactly the same sizes.

1. On both sheets of card randomly stamp collage and art type images with the black inkpad all over. Try and stamp the images close together. You dont need to mask, just use guess work to overstamp – if you overstamp dont worry as it adds to the look of the collage.

You dont have to stamp the 2 sheets identical, but try and use the same stamp designs on both.
Tip – Start stamping from the centre outwards as it is easier to work that way, so your first stamping on the page needs to be nice and central.

Work with larger stamps first, and use smaller ones to fill in the gaps between the images.
When your done you should have pages which looks something like these two examples below:



2. Using sponges to take up ink colours from your dye or pigment pads, apply colour to both the sheets in random coloured blocks like below:



3. Using a ruler and pencil, on the back side of one stamped sheet measure out squares, use the ruler width for the square size to make it easier. Cut this sheet into squares using your paper trimmer and set aside for later.

4. On the back side of the other sheet, draw out strips in different widths and lengths. As before cut out the strips using the paper trimmer and set aside for later use.

5. Now gather up your strips and squares and use them to layer onto card stock to make cards or artist trading cards. Dark card looks best for this, black giving the most striking result. Arrange and play with the positioning of the strips and squares to make interesting patterns and shapes on your card. When you arrange the shapes be sure to leave a very small gap inbetween each shape for contrast. To stick them down onto your cards use double sided tape.

Finished Examples below:

Artist Trading Cards:


Greetings Cards:




Thats it! I hope you enjoy playing with this easy challenge technique!