This technique shows you how you can create fantastic looking collage cards using the humble craft punch!

What You Need

Craft Punch: I used squares and tag shaped punches
White Card
Masking Tape
Dye or Pigment Ink Pads for DTP
Black or Brown Memories inkpad for stamping
Rubber Stamps of Your Choice
Double Sided Tape
Card for Layering
Card Blank

How To Create

1. Using your craft punch, punch out approx 10 shapes from the white card stock.

2. Take a strip of masking tape, de-tack it first onto a piece of fabric, and then place it on your work surface sticky side up.

3. Position one of the craft punch shapes onto the top half of the masking tape, taking care to leave a small strip of masking tape exposed at the bottom of the punch shape.

4. Next position the second craft punch shape underneath the first, lining it up exactly with no gaps.

5. Continue for the other craft punch shapes.

You are lining up all your craft punch shapes next to each other, without any gaps along the entire strip of masking tape. At this point you can add as many or as little punch shapes as you wish, adding more rows too if desired.

6. Once you have your rows of punch shapes you are ready to stamp! I stamped using a memories inkpad, stamp various images to a specific theme across the entire blocks of punch shapes. Allow ink to dry.

7. Once ink has dried, apply inks from inkpads using a sponge direct to the card shapes to ‘direct to paper’ the background. You can add further detail using watercolour pencils if desired. Allow ink to dry.

8. Once ink has dried, carefully remove the stamped craft punch shapes, and assemble them onto card using double sided tape (or glue if you prefer). Leave a slight border between each block as you assemble.

9. Layer onto a single fold card blank, your Punch Art Collage is complete!

Punch Art Collage Gallery