Collage on a Sheet was first featured in Somerset Studio Magazine, it is also known as the Serendipty Technique. It’s perfect if you have always wanted to try collage but never had the confidence.

You can use the Collage on a Sheet technique to create two very different styles of collages known as Serendipity and Paper Arts Collage.

For both collages, you will need plenty of torn scrap papers in all different colours. I have a box which I use to collect scraps of patterned papers and card in. Any scraps I have left over when I’m crafting I throw into the box to recycle the pieces for collaging with.

Serendipity Technique

What You Will Need

A5 Black Card
White PVA Glue
Assorted Scrap Collage Papers
Gold or Silver Brilliance Inkpads
(You may prefer to gold or silver emboss)

Ruler, Pencil & Scissors
Card & Papers for Layering

How To Create

1. Take the sheet of black card, and literally glue and stick scrap pieces of paper randomly all over the surface. Allow glue to dry, it doesn’t take long.

You want to create a slight border around the collage papers, so don’t overlap the scrap papers. Once the glue has dried you are ready for stamping! You need script stamps for this step, or you can use musical note backgrounds or oriental letterings etc.

2. Stamp the scripts randomly at different angles all over your collage sheet using either gold or silver Brilliance inkpad. You may prefer to emboss in gold or silver for a more luxurious effect.

3. Once the ink has dried, turn your collage over so that you have the plain side facing you. Use a ruler and pencil to measure grids across the back of the card sheet.

4. Use scissors to cut the squares you have just drawn to split your collage up into several small blocks.

5. Affix your Serendipity squares onto cardstock using either glue or double sided tape. I like to layer the squares onto cream card, as it adds a nice contrast to the black squares. You can usually make several cards

At this point onwards there are no rules in how many squares you use for your card. It’s a matter of preference; some cards have 4 blocks, some 6 or even 8! *You* are the artist so you decide?

Paper Arts Collage

What You Need

A5 White Card
White PVA Glue
Scrap Collage Papers
Postage Stamps, Doilies, Decoupage Scraps & Bellies
Pencil & Scissors
Assorted Shaped Templates (Hearts, Stars etc)
Gold Thread
Card for finishing

How To Create

1. Take a sheet of A5 white card and glue scrap papers randomly all over your sheet.

You want to leave no gaps at all between the papers you stick down, so overlap them as much as you can to create a multicolour patterned collaged background.

Your collage will look like this:

2. You can add extra interest to your paper arts collage; glue on torn pieces of doilies, decoupage scraps, postage stamps or embellishments. Once you are happy with how it looks, allow glue to dry.

3. Turn your collage round so that you have the plain side facing you. Using a pencil; draw round the templates of your choice. I position and draw round the templates so I can fit as many as I can onto one sheet.

4. Use scissors to cut out the templates from your collage sheet.

5. Take a length of gold thread, wrap and tie it around your collage shape several times at different angles to embellish it.

6. Using glue or double sided tape, affix your collage shape onto layers and card to finish. Your collage card is complete. Again you can create several cards from one collage sheet!

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