I tend to use baby wipes all the time for both cleaning my stamps and direct to papering with, I dislike wastage and hate to throw anything away so I always keep the more interesting and colourful baby wipes I have! Especially those I have cleaned stamps with which have had rainbow dye inks on them…wonderful rainbow baby wipes!

I’ve collected far too many baby wipes and decided it was now ‘Do or Die’…I HAD to make something with them or I would be forced to throw them away…which I didn’t want to do! So I had to get my thinking cap on….

First of all I placed a baby wipe flat onto a sheet of acetate, next I poured on enough Johnsons Klear Floor Wax (otherwise known as Future Floor Finish in the USA) to make the baby wipe wet again, but not enough so it was swilling in the stuff! Next I stippled on various colours of ordinary metallic acrylic paint and sprinkled on a little pearl ex. Then set it aside to dry.

When it was dry, I was surprised to find the baby wipe had gone stiff!! It was almost like thin card yet still retained its soft fabric texture. This made it easy for me to trim down on my paper cutter. Next I stamped the baby wipe with memories inkpad and stuck to the front of a card blank using double sided tape.

You can see the results for yourself: