I just love playing with my Posh Impressions inks!! They make you feel like an artist without having to work to hard as the ink and water does all the work for you! These cards where created using the ‘faux bleach’ technique – instead of bleach you clear emboss then paint over inks to achieve a resist effect.

Read on for details…

Supplies Used

* Cream Or Tan Card Stock
* Versamark Inkpad (Tsunekio)
* Clear And Gold Embossing Powder (Stamps n Stuff)
* Card Blanks
* Gold Brads
* Letter Stickers (Stampendous)
* Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
* Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks: Earthtones Set
* Paint Brush
* Cup of Water
* Artists Paint Palette

Rubber Stamps Used

* Gloria Angel (Stampendous)
* Leaves (Personal Impressions)


There are two ways to create these kind of cards;

The first method involves embossing your main image and using the inks to create a kind of ‘wash’ effect. The other way involves using a waterproof inkpad (memories) to create a colourful background without the resist effect.

The directions below are for the ‘faux bleach resist effect’:

1. Take cream or tan card stock and stamp your main image using a versamark inkpad. Emboss immediately using clear embossing powder. Allow to cool.

2. Crumple the card you have just embossed into a very tight ball, squeeze, then open it up again.

3. Place a drop of each of the colours of the inks you are going to use in an artists paint palette.

4. Using a paint brush soak the card stock completely with water.

5. Next dip your brush into one of the ink colours and paint it directly onto the water soaked card stock in a light sweeping movement. Don’t think too hard about this as you want the water to do all the work and blending.

6. Wash your brush out and apply a different colour of ink to the card.

7. Continue until you have created a background wash of colours. Heat set to dry.

I used: Butterscotch, Tan, Burgundy and Green to create my backgrounds shown on this page.

Notice how the crumples in the paper create and add a texture to the ink and how the embossed image creates a resist to the ink. You may notice the ink seeps under the embossed image in some areas, this is normal.

You can experiment adding less or more ink or water to create deeper and lighter shades and hues.

8. Once dry tear round the image leaving a generous border. 9. Apply Versamark inkpad along the torn edges and emboss immediately using gold embossing powder to create a rustic midas background.

10. Create a background of ink wash as described above to layer your art onto; only this time do not crumple the card stock. Apply more water after you have applied the inks to create a lighter wash. Heat set to dry.

11. Apply gold brads to the four corners of the leaf wash background.

12. Affix ink wash background to card stock with double sided tape.

13. Affix main image to the front of the card.

14. Add lettering stickers to spell out LEAVES.

Your ink wash card is complete.

More Ink Wash Background Cards

Card On Left is Stamped With Memories Art Print Brown, Card on Right is Uncrumpled and embossed with clear on tan card stock