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These backgrounds where created just like the ordinary Textured Inks Backgrounds with one exception…

Right after the final layer of pva glue was added and allowed to dry; I painted over with ordinary Bronze Acrylic Paint!

Look at how the inks react to the metallic sheen of the paint with dazzling effects!

Metallic Textured Alcohol Inks Background Gallery


These are my absolute FAVOURITE background technique for using with the alcohol inks!! I was playing around – like you do and happened across this new technique!

Have a look at the two background scans below:

Aren’t the colours JUST GORGEOUS!?!!

So how do you DO it?

That parts easy! I’ll walk you through it step by step…

Materials Used:

* Matt White Card Stock
* Cheap White Glue
* Paint Brush
* Water
* Masking Tape
* White Tissue Paper
* Cellophane (similar to Deli-wrap)
* Netting (found on bags of fruit – oranges, satsumas or onions)
* Alcohol Inks
* Pom Pom
* Blending Solution

Creating Textured Inks Backgrounds

Step One:

Take a sheet of MATT WHITE card stock. And randomly tear and stick pieces of masking tape across the surface of the card. You don’t want to cover the entire surface. See scan below for details:

Step Two:

Take a piece of white tissue paper and tear up into little pieces…crumple into a tight ball, then open up again (this is to create a crumpled texture).

Mix a little water to cheap white glue (pva) to thin it down slightly to make it a little thinner.

Paint the glue over the entire surface of the card, press and glue pieces of tissue paper on the card, overlapping the masking tape but take care not to cover the entire surface of the card. (See scan below for details.)

Don’t allow the glue to dry – move directly onto step three below.

Step Three:

Tear off strips of cellophane (clear plastic – similar to deli – wrap) in random pieces and layer over the top of the tissue paper and card and affix with the pva glue. See below for example:

Step Four:

Tear or cut pieces of netting (taken from oranges or onion packaging) and glue randomly over the surface of the card using pva glue. Allow glue to dry. Once dried coat the entire surface of the card with one final layer of pva glue – this seals and varnishes the surface thus making the surface perfect for the alcohol inks. Allow glue to dry. See below for what the final piece should look like:

Once dry you are ready for inking! The base background is built up of several textured layers which allow the inks to soak up each texture and thus creates a dazzling background effect!

Build up the colours slowly; drop random colours of alcohol inks all over the surface of the textured background.

Soak up a pom pom with blending solution and use this to blend and wash all the different colours together. Keep adding more inks and different colours for different hues and intensities.

The background at the very top was created using every single colour in the entire alcohol ink range! The one below it was created using all the pinks, reds and purple shades.

Once you are happy with how your background looks, let it dry. I haven’t tried stamping on the backgrounds as they are so textured I was worried my images wouldn’t stamp perfect enough and I didn’t want to spoil the backgrounds so I used them as background papers…see card samples below:

Textured Alcohol Inks Background Gallery

These backgrounds are created on ordinary MATT white card stock.

They don’t look like much in the scans but believe me when I say in real life the colours are amazing and they really do SHINE! The overall effect is almost Interference!

All you have to do is paint a fine layer of metallic acrylic paint to the surface of your card stock and let it dry.

Once dry apply the inks direct to the painted surface to create your backgrounds!

The paint acts as a kind of resist for the inks and they go on with a really cool texture…once the inks have dried you can stamp on the backgrounds with Stazon inkpads!

Another Metallic Alcohol Ink Background Sample:

Metallic Alcohol Ink Background Card Sample:


I love using these inks on ordinary gloss card – the colours are so vibrant and intense!

My favourite colour combination is Stream, Butterscotch and Wild Plum. The background sample directly above was created using this combo.

Materials Used:

  • Gloss White Card Stock
  • Alcohol Inks – colours of your choice – I used Butterscotch, Stream and Wild Plum
  • Pom Pom
  • Blending Solution

How To Apply Alcohol Inks To Gloss Card:

1. Get your pom pom, and dab a little alcohol blending solution onto the surface.

2.  Next take at least 2-3 different colours of ink and dab a few drops on the pom pom – I used Stream, Wild Plum and Butterscotch.

TIP: When using ink colours for backgrounds always use MORE light colours than dark; this will prevent your backgrounds from being too dark.

For example on the pom pom I placed approx 2 drops of Stream, 3-4 drops of Wild Plum and 4-6 drops of Butterscotch. Stream being the darkest had the fewer amounts of drops, and butterscotch being the lightest had the most amounts of drops.

3. Quickly tap the pom pom over the gloss card to transfer the colour. You may add more blending solution if you wish. You may also need to re-ink the pom pom. Continue until you are please with how your background looks and set aside for stamping later.

Stamping On Alcohol Ink Backgrounds:

I prefer to use a black Memories Inkpad for stamping over the alcohol inks. You can use other colours, but I highly recommend this specific brand. Allow the ink sufficient time to dry once you have stamped and then crop and assemble onto card!

Alcohol Ink Background Samples:

Colours Used On Above Background: Stream, Butterscotch, Pesto and Wild Plum –I added extra blending solution for a more transparent wash.

Colours Used On Above Background: Wild Plum, Cranberry and Butterscotch.

Colours Used On Above Background: Bottle, Stream, Butterscotch and Pesto

Colours Used On Above Background: Wild Plum, Cranberry, Bottle, Pesto and Butterscotch.

Extra blending solution was added to create a wash like effect.

Alcohol Inks Glossy Background Card Sample: