I decided to take a break from the traditional colours of red and green and create some blue Christmas cards this year!

Im really addicted to Snowflakes at the moment so these cards where screaming out for me to make them!

The beauty of these cards is that they are really easy to create and you can get a production line going in no time at all!

Materials Needed

  • A6 (Quarter Size) Sheet White Card Stock
  • Cosmetic Sponges
  • Blue Breeze Kaliedacolour Rainbow Dye Inkpad
  • Silver And Ice Blue Glitter Gel Pens
  • Scrap Paper
  • Bright Blue Card Blanks
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Rub On Transfers – Winter Words
  • Wordfetti Christmas Word Stickers
  • Rubber Stamps Used

  • Small Snowflakes – Hero Arts And All Night Media
  • Large Snowflakes – Personal Stamp Exchange and All Night Media

How To Create

1. Take the quarter size sheet of white card stock, tear the sheet of scrap paper in half and use the scrap paper as a mask to create borders on your card.

Take a look at my cards on the right to see the different ways I created colour borders – some borders go all along the edges of the white card, some just down the sides, another has a thicker border at the bottom of the card for a more striking effect. Theres no rules – just let your imagination run away with you!

2. With the scrap paper in place, ink up the sponge with the Blue Breeze Kaliedacolour inkpad and apply the ink directly to the card stock. I used the lighter blues on the rainbow inkpad for this purpose.
3. Once you have sponged your borders you are ready to stamp! Take a look at my samples for ideas –

On some of the cards I stamped a large snowflake in the centre of the card for a main image and left it as it was! You can add further interest using small snowflake stamps to create borders around the larger snowflake using the scrap paper mask to help you.

On another card I repeat stamped a large snowflake to create a pattern.

Dont forget to allow the ink to dry!

4. Once you have stamped your card you can add colour to the larger snowflakes – I used a glitter gel pen for a dazzling glittery sheen with no mess! The beauty of using a gel pen to add interest is that the pen tip is so small so you dont go over the lines and its a lot easier to control than glitter glue!

5. Once the pen ink has dried you can now layer your card onto the front of a bright blue card stock using double sided tape.

6. Add that final touch by either rubbing down a Winter Sentiment transfer or sticking down a Wordfetti Christmas sticker!

Your Card Is Complete!