This is a favourite technique of mine which I love to use to add texture to cards and artwork and realistic looking sand effects on card. If you look at the frame on the lefthand side, you will notice it looks like real sand; thats because I actually painted it using REAL sand!

The scan doesn’t do it justice as the sand is actually 3 dimensional, you can paint with sand to create wonderful 3-d highlights on your stamped art, and since Craft Sand comes in all colours of the rainbow you can use white sand for snow, though I wouldnt recommend using yellow sand for snow 🙂 Pink sand for icing on a cake and so on! The list is endless!

Heres how YOU can do it:

1. In a plastic container pour a large dollop of White PVA glue: pva glue is the glue used in schools, its the cheapest white glue you can find.

2. Into the glue pour some craft sand and mix into the glue, keep mixing until you get a really thick icing like gritty paste.

3. Start painting your sand paste onto your card where desired. Allow to dry for a coupla hours.

The glue dries clear and leaves you with a lovely Sandy texture!!

While its still wet you can actually draw into the sand paste using a comb or a fork as it has a spackle like texture…you could even paint it afterwards if you wanted too!