This idea happened completely by accident!

The card on the right was actually created from scrap fax roll paper left over from brayering on a piece of shrink plastic which Id placed on top of this sheet!

I liked it so much it seemed a shame to waste it and throw it away so I decided to use them on my cards!

I bought some rolls of fax paper very cheaply, so cheap I use them for protecting my work surface when I am stamping and brayering.

I was brayering a sheet of shrink plastic using a Kaliedacolour Inkpad (bouquet & desert heat) and because the shrink plastic pieces where so small I was getting more ink on the scrap fax paper than on the actual shrink plastic.

By the time I’d finished I had a random brightly coloured sheet of background paper.

I decided the background was too good to waste, so I turned it over so that I would protect it, and I used the back of the fax paper to lay my pieces of shrink plastic onto while I heated them with my heat gun..then something MAGIC happened..well it seemed like it at the time!

As I was heating the shrink plastic I noticed the plain uncoloured side of the Fax Roll paper turned black!!

I stopped heating, thinking Id ruined my wonderful coloured background on the reverse, but it hadnt, infact the exact opposite occurred..the blackness of the heated fax paper actually made the colours of the brayered inks more vibrant and alive!!

And there we have it, the Fax Magic Paper Background Idea came about..

I cut the sheet of paper using my Triangle craft punch, and then using memories black inkpad, I stamped randomly all over the triangle shapes using a word background.

Next I arranged the triangles onto a sheet of black card in a hectogram shape and layered the card to finish