This card is an easy one to make as there is no stamping involved! I deliberately made the card as minimalist as I could as I wanted to design a simple quick and easy festive card which could be created in 5 minutes. These are perfect for ‘production line assembly’ type cards as you can make all the Enameled Stars in advance, then attach them all to the front of cards later on.

I decided to use a purple card blank as my base for a modern retro style holiday card! The beauty of this card is that it could actually be used to suit any occasion and not just Christmas! So if you go mad making enameled stars like I did 🙂 You can have a stash of cards to last you all year for any occasion!

You will need:

  • Purple Card Blank
  • Star Shaped Die Cut
  • Fuchsia Metallic Thread
  • Versamark Clear Embossing Pad
  • Embossing Powder: Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Embossing Heat Gun
  • Gold Accent Beads
  • Non Stick Embossing Sheet (or teflon cooking liner)
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Gold Peel Off Sticker – JOY


1. Take your star die cut shape and apply the clear versamark ink to one side of the shape. Place onto the non-stick embossing sheet.

2. Sprinkle silver embossing powder all over the star shape, heat to melt. Apply second layer of silver before it cools

3. While the embossing powder is still hot take a generous pinch of gold and copper embossing powders and sprinkle over the star shape. Heat.

4. Take a pinch of gold accent beads and sprinkle liberally over the star. Let cool.

5. Take the metallic thread and wrap it round the star shape in random directions.

5. Affix star with double sided tape to the front of the card blank.

6. Place greetings sticker.

Your card is complete!