Ive finally stamped! And Ive made my first creation of 2007 so naturally I am feeling very happy!

Im really into collages right now, Im not saying Im any good at them, I just enjoy making them, particualry on streched artist canvases. The canvas below Ive christened ‘Play Time’ and it uses my current favourite colours.


Materials Needed:

  • Square Artist Canvas
  • Credit Card For Applying Paint and Gesso
  • Brown Acrylic Paint in 2 shades
  • Scrap Patterned Paper
  • White Gesso
  • Brilliance Moonlight White Inkpad
  • Text Background Rubber Stamp
  • Collage Rubber Stamp
  • Black Memories Inkpad
  • Piece Of Mountboard
  • Purple & Yellow Dye Inkpads (Big & Juicy Used)
  • Cosmetic Sponge for applying inks
  • Strip Of Ribbon
  • Pva Glue
  • Glossy Accents
  • Button
  • 3 Metal Teaspoon Charms
  • P L A Y Metal Letter Tabs (Making Memories)

How To Create:

1. Squirt 2 shades of brown paint onto the canvas and use the credit card to cover the board, take care not to mix the colours together as you want the 2 shades to be blend with one another, yet be visable enough to create tones. I used a dark brown and a teddybear brown for this. Let paint dry.

Heres what the blank canvas looked like before I did anything to it:


2. Next, stamp the handwriting rubber stamp using the white brilliance inkpad along the left hand side of the canvas to create an interesting border.3. Glue ribbon onto the right hand side of the canvas using pva (clear drying glue)

4. Take a large torn piece of patterned paper – I recycled a sheet of Christmas gift wrap for this. And glue it approx in the centre of the canvas with glue. Allow to dry.

5. Onto a piece of mountboard (or stampboard) scrape a little amount of white gesso with the credit card. Do not completely cover the card. You want little gaps and blank areas to create interest. Allow the gesso to dry or heat with heatgun if your impatient.

6. Take the cosmetic sponge and 2 colours of dye inkpads – I used yellow and purple. Drag and sponge across the mountboard covering it with ink. You will notice the gesso-ed areas create a kind of cool background resist. See close up below for detail:


7. Now stamp the board using the collage stamp with black memories or any permanent dye inkpad of your choice. Let dry.

8. Glue stamped mount board onto the canvas collage in the top right hand area.

9. Affix the 3 gold metal teaspoon charms to the canvas using glossy accents. Let dry (prefably overnight)
10. Affix large brown button to the bottom of the ribbon using glossy accents, let dry.

11. Finally finish off the collage by affixing the self adhesive metal alphabet tabs to spell out the word P L A Y.