This background technique is another idea I have been playing around with recently, as you may well have already guessed I am a bit of a backgrounds addict:)

This technique utilises the use of clear sticky back plastic, the types used to back school books with, to create a clear protective covering. Sticky back plastic is available by the roll very cheaply from most stationers such as: office world, woolworths, partners, stationery box and many more.

What You Need

White Card
Archival Inkpad
Rubber Stamps
Clear Sticky Back Plastic
Blunt Object: I used the back of a spoon
Acrylic Paints

How To Create

1. Stamp your image onto the white card, for this technique you need to use non gloss card. Allow to dry.

2. Cut a piece of sticky back plastic to size, you want it to fit exactly over the image you have stamped. Peel off protective backing and stick over the image on the cardstock.

3. Next you need to rub over the entire surface of your sticky back plastic you have just laid down onto the card. I used the back of an ordinary kitchen spoon. Literally rub over the entire surface, the reason you are doing this is because it creates a stronger bond between the plastic and the card which you need for the next step.

4. Take your plastic covered stamped image to the kitchen, and place it inside a bowl of water for a couple of minutes to wet the card. Next hold under a running tap, and gently with your fingers push the card off the back of the plastic. Continue working until you have removed all of the card stock.

When you have finished you will have a semi translucent image which has been transferred to the front of the sticky back plastic. As if by magic! Allow to dry.

5. Using acrylic paints, squirt, stipple or sponge on different colours onto the side which you removed the card from, set aside to dry.

Once dry you can trim your plastic and attach to the front of a card blank!

Here are my creations: