3-d Tag Box Art – New Ways With Tags!

I love to use tags in my artwork, and am always thinking of new ways to use them and new avenues to explore. This got me thinking; why don’t we ever see any 3 Dimensional Tag Art?

Then it came to me…why not use tags to create boxes with! And that was how this idea came about!

Its a really fun technique; once you try it you will be making all your tags into boxes! The best thing about it is that you can make your boxes as big or as small as you wish!

Better yet your not restricted to just tags you can use any die cut shapes to make them into mini boxes of art!!

General Tag Box Making Supplies Used:

  • 4 Shipping Tags Or Sizzix Die Cut Tags: must be all the same size.
  • Black Stazon Inkpad (Tsukineko)
  • White Card Stock
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper Scorer Tool
  • Double Sided Tape or your preferred gluing medium.
  • Gold Paper Brads or Eyelets (optional)
  • All Rubber Stamps Used By Ma Vinci’s Reliquary

General Tag Box Making Directions:

First of all I am going to walk you through the instructions on how to make the very basic Tag Box, it is a lot easier than it sounds in the written instructions.

To make it easier I have drawn a diagram in a program so that you can get an idea of the basic structure of the box base.

Once you have mastered this; you can make boxes using more tags or even baskets! Read on for more details..

First things first you need to measure the width of one of your tags, this is the shortest bottom edge of the tag itself. This will be the measurements you need when creating the box base. Let us assume for the sake of this technique our tag is 5 centimetres wide.

1. Using the pencil and ruler, measure and draw a square onto the white card stock; each side of the square must be 5 centemetres long.

2. Next draw a parallel line approx 1 centimetre from the square all around the outside edges of the square.

3. Using the ruler draw small ‘flaps’ within the 1 centemetre border you have just created. For a better idea see the RED lines in the diagram below:

4. Cut along all the red lines as shown in the diagram above.

5. Fold and score along the actual black lines shown: This is the actual 5 centimetre square you first measured out.
6. Now if you hold a tag up to one of the flaps you will notice that it fits perfectly along the base of the tag. Your box base is ready but first you need to decorated your tag!

7. Stamp your tags and add colour using any method or technique of your choice. I stamped in black ink and added colour using dye inks and ‘Direct To Paper’ technique.

8. Now apply a small amount of double sided tape to the bottom of each tag on the REVERSE. And affix each tag to each of the 4 flaps of the box base. You will now need to make a strip of card to enable the tags to join together and make a complete box as it is just a flat cross shape at the moment! This step is easy!

9. Measure a strip of card approx 2 inches long on a sheet of A4 card stock *the strip may need to be smaller if you are using small tags.

10. Remember the dimensions of the widths of your tags? We said 5 centimetres for these instructions; so measure 5 centimetres along on the strip of the card, and score just UNDER the 5 centremetres mark approx 1 mark on the ruler. So that the fold is slightly less than the 5 cms.

11. Using the first fold as your guide, concertina fold the strip of card until you have folded the entire strip. You want 5 folded sections in all. If there are more; cut off excess.

12. Fold the strip back round so it resembles a box shape, and using double sided tape; stick it together.

13. Slide the box shape inside the tag base, and affix a tag to each of the 4 walls to assemble the box itself.

This bit only SOUNDS tricky until you have the actual pieces infront of you. Once you have your pieces it kinda all ‘falls in place’. Your tag box is complete!

As an embellishment to add a little JAZZ to the boxes, I like to split paper brads through the holes of the tags. This is optional. You can leave your box as it is, use it to hold candles or slip tags or notepaper inside or use as a gift box. Or simply as a work of art!

Once you have mastered the basics you can begin experimenting!

Arched Die Cut Boxs

Instead of boxes I used Arch die cut shapes to make a box, you can use any die cuts so long as they are all the same shape and also have a flat base. These are perfect for creating candle holder with! See scans below:

Milk Carton Tag Boxes

This is a favourite of mine, I like to do is make my tag boxes into Milk Cartons!! These are really easy to create. Follow the instructions above, then once your box is assembled; tuck 1 flap right inside the box shape, then tuck another flap over the top of that. Then finally use a paper brad to secure the 2 remaining flaps together to resemble a milk carton. See scans below for a better idea:

Milk Carton Side ViewMilk Carton Side View Milk Carton Front Milk Carton Back

Tag Art Baskets These Tag Art Baskets are a little more complicated to make, but once you’ve mastered the basics of a basic tag box they should be pretty easy to understand and make!

Instead of using 4 tags, for the baskets you need 12 tags in total, all the same size. For the baskets you need to use smaller tags, the Sizzix die cut tags are perfect for this as they are just the right size.

Tag Art Basket Making Supplies Used:

  • 12 Small Tags Or Sizzix Die Cut Tags: must be all the same size.
  • Black Stazon Inkpad (Tsukineko)
  • White Card Stock
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper Scorer Tool
  • Double Sided Tape or your preferred gluing medium.
  • Gold Paper Brads or Eyelets (optional)
  • All Rubber Stamps Used By Ma Vinci Reliquency

Basket Front As before measure the width of the tag, let us assume for these instructions that the width of the tags are 3 cms wide.

1. Times the width of the tag by 3, giving you the total of 9, measure 9 cms onto the middle of the A4 sheet of card stock. This will be the longest side of the basket base.

2. Now times the width of your tag by two; giving you the total of 6cms. Measure a line 6cms down from the line you have just drawn on the card stock. This will be the shortest side of the basket base.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above to draw in the rest of the rectangle basket base using a pencil and ruler, refer to the diagram below for a better idea.

4. Now as with the basic box shapes; draw a parallel line all around the outside edges of the basket base approx 1-2 centimetres from the actual base itself. And draw in ‘flap’ shapes at every 3 centimetre interval. For a better idea refer to the RED lines in the diagram below.

5. Cut around all the lines marked in red in the diagram below.

6. Score along all the black lines shown above and fold all the flaps upwards.

7. Stamp and decorate your tags using your chosen method.

8. Affix a tag to each of the 10 flaps on the basket base using double sided tape as above.

9. Now is the tricky bit! The best way to do this is to tackle it a side at a time, I find it best to work with the sides with the 3 tags on first:

Basket Back

    Basket Assembly Instructions For Side With 3 Tags:a. On the reverse of the left hand tag place double sided tape or your chosen glue method to the top right hand side of the tag. Lift and affix the lefthand tag over the top of the middle tag; allowing it to overlap. See pictures for a better explanationb. Repeat this step using the right hand flap; affixing double sided tape to the reverse top lefthand corner. And assemble over the top of the middle tag. Repeat steps a and b for the other side with 3 tags.

For the remaining 2 sides with 2 tags on, the assembly is straight forward; just place a strip of double sided tape to the reverse of either tag on the top corner and overlap to assemble.

See pictures for a better explanation

10. To add strength to the basket interior I measured a long strip of card the same width as the tag shapes (3 cms), then placed double sided tape on one side of the strip. Next I slipped the strip of card inside the basket, and pressed it inside the basket and moved the strip around until it had gone around all the edges. If you want to disguise the card strip interior at this point you could add a tissue paper lining using glue or tape.

11. Next I placed a paper brad in each of the tag holes to add embellishments.

12. The final touch was the basket handle. To create this I stamped 2 tags with the words ART on each and DTP’ed colour to them both.

13. Next I took a strip of card 3cm wide, and used double sided tape to stick both tags to the card to join them together. Trimmed off excess card.

14. Finally I applied double sided tape to both edges of the tags, and slipped them inside the tag basket to form an handle. See pictures below for a better idea. The Tag Art Basket was complete!

Basket Side View Basket Side View Basket Handle amd Top View