Inside Envelope Pocket Booklet

I was playing around with a sheet of A4 card trying to come up with a new way to make a mini booklet, when an idea struck me. Why not use envelopes to make a pocket booklet! I love to use envelopes in rubber stamp projects and especially for books but I usually end up making books with LOTS of envelopes in them! This booklet requires just 2!

The Envelope pockets are perfect for inserting artwork – I created 2 cards using the Apple and Pears theme – you could also use tag art or insert photos or even gift vouchers! It goes without saying that these would make great gift ideas too!

Read on for more details….

Supplies Used

  • A4 Sheet Sturdy White Card
  • 2 Envelopes (any size)
  • Permanent Memories Inkpad: Artprint Brown (Stewart Superior)
  • Sienna Ancient Page Permanent Inkpad (Clearsnap)
  • Peony Purple Fabrico Inkpad (Tsueseneko)
  • Sponges For Direct To Papering
  • Water Brush (Judikins)
  • Twinkling H20’s
  • Front Cover Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder
  • Pencil and Ruler
  • Peel Off Stickers: Brads and Circle Letters (Stampendous)
  • Rubber Stamps Used

  • Apples And Pears Sheet ( Time To Stamp )


1. Before you begin take your sheet of A4 card and lay it on your work surface horizontically. Place the envelopes you are going to use for this project on top of the card vertically. Use a pencil and ruler to draw a line across the A4 card to tell you how big the envelopes are on your card stock.

2. Allow a 1 inch border on the A4 card sheet and trim off the excess part of the card using a paper trimmer. Position the envelopes back on the card and they should now fit snuggly with a small border around them.

3. Fold the card stock in half to create a single fold card blank. Score edge with bone folder.

4. On either one of the unfolded edges, fold back the card on itself approx 1-2 inches (depends on the size of your envelopes and how big you want the fold to be) Score along fold with a bone folder.

5. Repeat step 4 with the other unfolded edge – use the fold you have already create as a guide to how big your fold needs to be. Score edge.

6. Apply Sienna Brown inkpad colour to the entire surface of the folded card using sponges.

7. Repeat stamp the apples and pear images over the surface of the front and back of your booklet using artprint brown.

8. On the edge flaps repeat stamp the apple and pear background texts with artprint brown. 9. Sponge the peony purple inkpad over the backs of both envelopes and also to the flaps. Let dry.

10. Repeat stamp the apple and pears on the envelopes – leave the flaps blank.

11. Measure and crop 2 sheets of card stock so they fit inside your envelopes. Stamp one in the theme of apples and the other in the theme of pears using artprint brown.

12. Paint apples and pear images on the booklet and also on the white card sheets using a waterbrush and Twinkling H20’s paints.

13. Use gold leafing pen to highlight the edges of the booklet and the envelopes as seen in the top image.

14. Turn booklet over so that the unstamped edge is facing up. Lay your envelopes on the left and right hand sides. Apply double sided tape to the reverse of the envelopes and stick them down on the panels.

15. Now apply double sided tape to the reverse of the booklet flaps and press them down on top of the envelopes.

16. Affix gold brad stickers to the inside flaps to embellish them.

17. Use letter stickers to spell out the words apple and pear on the corresponding envelopes.

18. Slip the white apple and pear cards inside your envelopes. Close your booklet. Your book is complete!

Pictures Of Inside Of Booklet With Cards Removed and Close Up Of Apple And Pear Card Inserts

Inside Book Cover With Cards Removed Apple And Pear Card Inserts