I was playing around with Cds recently and was wondering how best to display them on cards apart from the traditional method of layering them onto card.

A technique which Altered Book artists use to create triangular pages came to mind, as I thought it could easily be adapted for handmade cards too.

After a little practice and experimentation this is what I came up with!

Read on for details

Supplies Used

  • A4 Cream Card Stock
  • Plum Card Blank
  • Unwanted Cd
  • Cd Labels
  • Gloss Modge Podge (Plaid)
  • Gold Corner Stickers (Stampendous)
  • Memories Artprint Brown Permanent Inkpad (Stewart Superior)
  • Sponges for DTP
  • Dye Inkpads: Kaliedacolour Desert Heat and Autumn Leaves (Clearsnap)
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folding Tool
  • Double Sided Tape
  • All Rubber Stamps Used By
    Scottish Borders Stamping

Directions For Creating Triangle Pockets:

To make it easier I have compiled ‘visual directions’ to go with the written directions, so you can see exactly what I mean. Please refer to both the pictures and the text for instructions on how to create pocket cards below:

1. Take your sheet of A4 cream card stock and cut it in half to make 2 half A5 sheets. Set one aside for now, you only need 1 sheet for this stage in the technique.

2. Take your sheet of card stock, place it in front of you so that the longest edges are at the top and bottom. Gently fold the top right hand corner over the bottom right hand corner as if you were going to fold your card in two.

Instead of folding, make a tiny pinch where the centre of the card is. See below for details

3. Next fold the top right edge downwards, and the bottom right edge upwards; to create 2 semi triangles which meet in the centre of the card. See image below for details:

4. You now have 2 triangular flaps, you need to make these into a pocket. To do this, take the other sheet of card stock you set aside earlier, and affix it directly over the top of the triangular folds using double sided tape like so

You want the card to be flush with the straight edge, so that when you trim off the excess, the folded triangles will disappear, and in its place there is a triangular pocket like below:

That is how easy it is to make the triangle pockets for this card, now you can stamp them! See below for directions on how I made mine:

1. Once I created the pocket, I stamped Celtic images randomly all over the pocket and the pocket bordered using Memories Artprint Brown.

2. Next I applied colour using sponges from rainbow inkpads to add colour.

3. I trimmed off the excess part of the border on the pocket to fit card, then affixed it to the front of the card using double sided tape.

4. Highlights where added to the card using gold border and corner stickers.

5. Next I stamped a CD Label using Artprint Brown inkpad and applied inks with sponges to add colour.

6. Then I peeled the label from the sheet and affixed it to the printed side of the cd.

7. I like the look and texture of Gloss Modge Podge, so I applied a layer of this to the stamped cd to give it a shiny texture. And let it dry.

8. Once dry I placed the cd inside the pocket.

The card was complete.

Cd Pocket Cards With CD’s Removed