Welcome to the world of wonderful weird and wacky figures!

The idea behind this project is to make a strange looking person or animal using your rubber stamps….

You dont want to use the whole rubber stamped image for this project, instead only use the HEAD! If you dont have a head you can cut the head from another stamped image you have or use a face stamp to make a head…..

Example: Cut off the head of a stamped person and stick it onto the body of something else! – this could be the body of an animal or another person – something that doesnt look right and normal – something nice and weird!!

You can stick your head onto ANYTHING – another stamped image: body, animal, object or you could draw the body yourself using pens, or you could even cut the body out from magazine or scrapbook papers – whatever floats your boat! Once you have your body stick it all together and make it into a strange disjointed figure!

You can add further interest by adding hats or wings, hands, feet, legs, arms even accessories if you wish! Add a splash of colour and make it into an atc!

See my scans below for disjointed examples to get an idea of what is required

Disjointed Clothes and Hats Cut From Magazine Papers:

I drew these rough images onto magazine paper and cut them out to make clothes – you dont have to be an artist to do this (Im not) – so long as you get the general shape of clothes – if you dont want to cut your own clothes out you can use punches or cut the clothes from another stamped image or even print some out from dress up dolls.

Disjointed ATCs:


Disjointed ATCs Directions:

To make these atcs first of all I cut a sheet of book paper to atc size and attached to the front of an atc card. I then stamped the moon face stamp and cut it it out, then I cut out a silly dress shape from magazine paper – I chose pages which had fashion prints on them as they have some nice patterns on them. I also cut out a crown shape from magazine paper too and assembled my strange looking person together onto the book paper background.

My figure looked odd without legs and arms so I drew on matchstick style arms and legs using a drawing pen. The atc looked a bit bare so I scribbled on a simply looking house in the background with a door, window and chimney, completed the scene with a sun and drew an horizon line in the background. Not quite right yet, I decided to outline the clothes, hat and head using my pen to give it more definition.

It looked a little bare so I decided to add a splash of colour, I used watercolour crayons to colour in the lips and eyes of the person, I also coloured in her legs and arms and added green grass, yellow sun and red roof and blue door to the house.

It started to look complete and I was happy to leave it at that!

Its a really fun challenge – dont get hung up on how perfect your figure looks – its not supposed to and if you dont want to draw you dont have to as you can use images cut out or printed out instead – improvise!!

You are free to interpretate this them anyway you wish to using any style at all and any figures & heads imaginable!Its a really fun project as long as you dont get hung up on how perfect your figure looks – its not supposed to!