I loved making this card! Im a real hoarder and dont like to throw anything away incase I can later use it in my stamped art – hey arent ALL stampers built that way?

Well naturally I have stacks and stacks of cds and am always looking for new and exciting ways to use them in my stamped art – heres a card I created using a recycled cd….a SPINNING card! Its a great concept for using those unwanted CDs and I had a lot of fun creating them! I hope you will too!

Supplies Used

  • Cd Rom
  • A4 Cream Card Stock
  • CD Labels
  • Green Card Blank
  • Memories Artprint Brown Permanent Inkpad (Stewart Superior)
  • Memories Hunter Green Permanent Inkpad (Stewart Superior)
  • Sponges for DTP
  • Dye Inkpads: Kaliedacolour Desert Heat and Autumn Leaves (Clearsnap)
  • Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Jigsaw Piece
  • Modge Podge Glue (Plaid)
  • Sharp Darning Needle For Making Hole in Jigsaw
  • Large Paper Brad
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folding Tool
  • Double Sided Tape
  • All Rubber Stamps Used By Scottish Borders Stamping


1. Take your sheet of A4 cream card stock and fold it in half to make into an A5 Card Blank, score fold with bone folder.

2. Take your card blank, with the folded edge on the left end side, take the top flap of the card, and gently fold the top right hand corner over the bottom right hand corner as if you was going to fold your card in two.

Instead of folding, make a tiny pinch where the centre of the card is. See below for details

3. Next working on the top flap only: fold the top right edge downwards, and the bottom right edge upwards; to create 2 semi triangles which meet in the centre of the card. See image below for details:

4. Now fold the entire card back round so that the triangular flaps you have just folded are hidden behind the main card section of the card like below:

You have assembled the first part of your spinner card and are now ready to proceed onto the next step. But first you need to stamp your card!

Read on for directions on how I did mine:

1. Onto the folded card, I randomly stamped Celtic images all over the flap and the border panel using Hunter Green and Artprint Brown Memories Inkpads.

2. I applied colour to the background using sponges to apply the ink from rainbow inkpads.

3. Next I stamped a cd label using the same inks and stamps and applied colour in the same way. Once I was happy with how it looked I peeled off the label and stuck it on the printed side of the cd.

Assembling The Spinner Card

1. Take the jigsaw, paint it using the gold krylon pen, allow to dry.

2. Once dry, pierce a hole in the centre using a sharp implement such as a darning needle.

3. Glue the jigsaw over the hole on the front of the cd using Modge Podge. Let dry.

4. Position the CD on the front of the triangle flap to decide where you are going to assemble it, and using the darning needle, pierce a hole through the hole in the jigsaw through the card itself.

5. Thread a large paper brad through both the hole in the jigsaw pieces and also the card stock, split the ends of the brad on the back to secure.

6. Next stick the triangle flap down onto the back of the folded section of the card, taking care not to stick down the actual cd itself, as you want to allow it to be able to move.

7. Finally stick the whole section onto green card blank to finish.