Im really enjoying playing around with the spray starch to see how it can be used, seeing how well it worked with the pearl ex I wondered how it would react with Alcohol Inks and decided to experiment and see.

These backgrounds where created in a similar way to the Pearl Ex ones, instead of pearl ex I used Alcohol Inks with the Spray Starch

Heres what I did:


1. On a sheet of gloss card, randomly splash and dot alcohol inks all over.

2. Spray over Alcohol Inks with Spray Starch.

3. Add more Alcohol Inks.

4. Spray more Starch.

5. Sandwich over the top with another sheet of gloss card and rub gently.

6. Gently peel backgrounds apart to reveal the lovely magic 🙂

Leave to air dry or heat set with your heat gun if your impatient (I did)

The overall effect of these backgrounds reminds me of the Alcohol Inks and Floor Wax Background Technique I came up with a few years back.

Embossing Tip: You can sprinkle on embossing powder onto the background to enhance it further, I had some nice interferance embossing powders with copper mica in them which I sprinkled over some of the backgrounds to add a little pizzaz. See example below:

Another background in the making…

Before Spray Starch…

After Spray Starch….

Spray Starch And Alcohol Ink Background Gallery: