Pauline on Next Generation Stampers group mentioned Noodle Brushes last weekend after going to Portlight Stamp Show and seeing them on sale there. Naturally nosy bugger here wondered what they were and had to ask…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Noodle Brushes are sold by the Moon Glow peeps for using with their Starburst Stains and other Moon Glow products to make backgrounds with.

The Noodle Brushes are very similar to Silicone Cooking Brushes which you can buy for basting food and putting oil on pastry with…

Heres a couple of photos of what these noodle/silicone cooking brushes look like so you know what Im waffling about:


Anyways like any dedicated Art Addict I decided I NEEDED some faux Noodle Brushes ๐Ÿ™‚ So I bought myself a couple! I got both varieties you can see in the above scan to see if there was a difference in noodle length etc and also as I put it ‘for luck’…;)

Now Ive got my noodle brushes of course I have to USE them!

Heres a couple of backgrounds I made along with the details:

Gesso & Colour Mist Spray Noodle Brush Background:

For this background I lightly scraped gesso with the brush across the card stock, next I heat set the gesso, then I sprayed over with colourwash sprays in Purple, Blue & Red to make a resist type background.

If you look closely at the scan you can see the noodle brush scratch marks:


Acrylic Paint Noodle Brush Backgrounds:

The 3 backgrounds below were all created using acrylic paints with the brush.

For the first layers I lightly scraped on paint with the noodle brush to get scratchy brush mark textures. I continued doing this on the background until Id covered the entire surface.

For the next layers I applied paint spatters with black and gold paints – to do the spatters I watered down the paint slightly so it was more like a runny liquid and then dipped the noodle brush in the paint and used a flicking movement with my wrist to flick the paint onto the card and get a nice spatter effect.

I first tried this by running my fingers through the brushes ‘bristles’ but the spatter was too fine and subtle for me as I wanted big and bold spatters so I did it this way instead.