It’s no secret I love LOVE and ADORE my Alcohol Inks! The colours are out of this world! Recently Ranger brought out a whole new set of colours!! And I have to say these are yummy! So yummy I got ALL of the new sets!

I got my set from Hearts In Touch so if you need any I recommend the service; Frances will look after you and she charges VERY reasonable shipping costs too which is an added bonus!

When I got my new inks I was surprised to find a BLACK (slate) ink in the sets however as its not normally a colour Id use much particularly for backgrounds, so I started playing around with the black ink to see how best to use it which is how I came up with this idea for creating backgrounds which I’ve called “Ink Spots Background Technique” read on for details on how you can make it yourself…

What You Need:

* Adirondak Alcohol Inks (colours of your choice)
* White Gloss Card (or any pale gloss card)
* Pom Pom or Cosmetic Cotton Wool Ball
* Adirondak Alcohol Ink Blending Solution

(or alcohol – medical variety – not gin!)

How To Create The Ink Spots Backgrounds:

1. Take your sheet of gloss card and place it on a protected work surface – tip- I use a glossy magazine page to work on – if you get ink on the magazine paper you can actually use this for a background on cards! Waste not want not!

2. Onto the sheet of card stock randomly and very quickly ‘spot’ and ‘swirl’ the inks directly from the bottles of inks – overlap the colours and dot all over the surface. Do not over think this step – just splodge and splosh (technical term!) the inks on. See below for example what your background looks like at this point:

Ink Colours Used On Background Above are: Slate, Red Pepper, Stream and Wild Plum.

3. Allow the inks to settle and dry for a moment, take your pom pom and apply a dab of the blending solution to the pom pom (or cotton wool ball).

4. Quickly squirt a layer of alcohol ink on the pom pom (I used caramel) and working fast smoosh the ink over the entire surface of the card covering the ink dots and splodges you applied earlier…you want the ink to completely cover the surface leaving no blank areas. Don’t worry if the colour application isn’t ‘even’ – this is art! See below for what the finished background looks like:

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to do the Ink Spots Backgrounds – a very simple and straight forward background technique which makes a change from the Polished Stone Technique! Now all you have to do is stamp on the backgrounds or use them as actual backgrounds for your card making projects! See the Ink Spots Gallery for pictures of cards I created with mine:)

As always don’t forget to experiment using different colour combinations to achieve different effects. I created some of these backgrounds using ordinary gloss card and special high gloss photo paper used in inkjet printers – the difference in the colours on the 2 different varieties of card is STAGGERING! The photo gloss paper makes the inks hit you in the face!! Amazing!

More Ink Spots Background Samples: (on regular gloss card)

Photo Gloss Paper Backgrounds: (makes the inks look more vibrant)