I came across this idea by accident – thats how some of my best ideas have been born! Happy Accidents!

I was putting away my bottle of Floor Wax when I managed to spill some onto some tissue paper. I forgot all about it and set it aside (waste not want not) – then found it again more recently and the wax had dried on the tissue paper.

What struck me immediately was how much the tissue paper looked like Glassine Paper!

The wax itself had dried on the tissue paper and made it go shiny and translucent rather like the glassine paper used to make glassine envelopes!

Perfect I thought – now we can make our own faux glassine envelopes!

Supplies Used To Create Faux Glassine Paper

* White Tissue Paper
* Future Floor Wax -or- Johnsons Klear Floor Wax (or suitable alternative floor wax polish)
* Paint Brush
* Clear Plastic Food Bag

* Any Of The Following in colours of your choice:
Dye Based Inkpad Re-inkers
-or- Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks
-or- Artists Inks (e.g Winstor and Newton or Daler Rownley)

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment (optional) – I used Gold.
You can also use any of the following Mica Alternatives:
Moonglow, Powdered Pearls, Fairie Dust or Perfect Pearls

Rubber Stamps Used In Sample Shown Are By CARDSNSTAMPS.COM

Creating Faux Glassine Paper

Take the plastic food bag and open it out so it covers your work surface, place a sheet of tissue paper over the top of it. You NEED the plastic bag as without it you will ruin your work surface – this background is messy! The bag acts as a protective barrier. Alternatively you could use a plastic table mat.

  • Its important to use plastic otherwise when the background has dried it will stick to whatever surface you are using. The plastic simply peels off easily!

Take a paint brush and brush on a generous supply of wax onto the tissue paper – you dont want too much that the wax is pouring off the edge of the tissue; but you do want enough that the wax covers the entire surface.

Next take the dye reinkers (or rainbow inks or artists inks) and drop little spots of different colours around the surface of the paper.

  • Only use between 2 and 3 colours – too many colours will make the colours go cloudy and muddy!

Choose your colours well so that they compliment one another. For example pink and blue and purple work well together. As do orange, yellow and green.

Use a paint brush to blend the inks together and make them combine or you can use your fingertips – I did 🙂

If the inks are not blending together very well use a little more floor wax to help the inks flow more easily. At this point you dont need to do anything else except wait for your paper to dry! I left mine over night. Once dry carefully remove the faux glassine paper from the plastic and set aside for future stamping projects!

Right after I add the inks to the floor wax I like to tap a tiny bit of pearl ex pigments over the surface and use a brush to blend it into the background – this gives it a wonderful rich midas touch!

The best part is that you dont need to add a fixative to seal the pearl ex as the floor wax acts as a fixative agent.

If your in a hurry and dont want to wait for the backgrounds to air dry you can use a heat gun to hurry it along – make sure you remove the paper from the plastic first!

Make sure the paper is dry on BOTH sides of the paper before using them in your projects.

For stamping on the Glassine Paper I recommend either Stazon and Memories inkpads

Try it and see!