duraglit.jpgIve just got hold of a tub of duraglit which is basically brasso soaked in wadding which you rip off and use to clean your brass ware.

You can also use it as an alternative for the Nevrdull Technique as featured in Somerset Studio Magazine and Bernie Berlins ATC Workshop Book, Claudine Helmuth also taught classes using this technique at Art&Soul too.

Ive been wanting to try this technique for a long time but forgot all about it till Adrienne reminded me having taken Claudines class!

So here goes my experiments….

First of all this stuff stinks! So work in a well ventilated area and be careful not to inhale too much – theres a warning on the side about this.

The Brasso is used to remove colour and ink from printed glossy magazine papers (Cosmo is perfect for this!). You only need a tiny weeny bit as it is quite strong. You can control how much of the print and colour you want to lift up by variating the pressure used. If you rub hard you remove most of the print, but gentle rubbing creates a subtle colour removal.

When you rub the Brasso you can create some gorgeous looking backgrounds by lifting the magazine print off and moving it all around. I love doing this with pages printed with a lot of purple or autumnal colours especially.

Another thing I discovered is that if you use a babywipe after you have rubbed over with the brasso you can lift even more colour from the page and clean it up a bit too and control how little or much colour you want to remove.

A cool thing you can do is rub away all the background until you are left with just a face or one single image on the page, I like doing this! It makes the figure or face look almost ghostly and I think by doing this you could probably incorporate it into a collage by adding layers and a colour medium over the top.

Another thing you can do is crumple the magazine paper up and then rub over with the brasso to get a kinda faux leather effect as the brasso will only remove the coating off the raised crumpled parts.

Heres some magazine papers I lifted the colours with using the gesso – I did loads of these and I cant possibly scan them all as theres too many! But heres a selection, I will update this blog entry when Ive done something with these: