This is a really easy one to make but its also one of my favourites because the results can be quite dazzling!

What You Need:

  • Black Card Stock (gloss or matt)
  • White Gesso
  • Sponge
  • Stencil or punchinella or rubber stamps
  • Heat Gun
  • Rainbow Dye Ink Pads – eg big & juicy or kaliedacolor.
  • Rubber Brayer

How To Make The Background:

First of all, for these backgrounds I prefer to use black gloss card stock as I find the end results are more striking and eye popping. However if you dont have black gloss you can use any type of black card stock you have to hand. The background scan in this post is created using gloss.

1. Take your sheet of black card and stencil or smoosh over the surface using white gesso and a sponge. You dont want to completely cover the entire surface of the card. You want quite a bit of the black card to still be visible – aim for a 50/50 effect when your sponging. You can use actual store bought design stencils for this or you can make your own or even use punchinella which is what I used. Or alternatively you can stamp all over the card but remember to clean your stamps straight away!

2. Once youve done your gesso-ing you need to let it dry – you can let it air dry naturally or if your impatient like me you can heat set using your heat tool.

3. Next is the easy peasy part 🙂 Ink up your rubber brayer with a rainbow inkpad and R O L L your colour onto your background. The brighter and bolder the inkpad you use the more striking the results – do not go for pastel shades as they will dissapear and you wont be able to see them! Think BRIGHTS and PRIMARYS.

Because dye ink is transparent it will appear to be invisible and dissapear where the black card stock is still visable and yet where the gesso is the inks will literally SHINE and therefore produce a wonderful reverse resist effect.

Allow your background to dry or heat set to speed it along – thats it!

Tip – You can use colour wash sprays instead of dye inkpads for a more freeform background effect.

Important – Do not use Inkpads OR Colour Wash Sprays with Mica or Glitters in them because they will NOT be invisible on the black card stock at all. It has to be dye or waterbased inkpads and sprays only to achieve the effects shown in the scan.