I saw a link recently of some gorgeous splatty type backgrounds using the new Radiant Rain daubers – they looked fantabalous! Lush colours to die for! I really must get some! But as I dont have any of them I decided to have a go at seeing what I could use for an alternative.

Looking around my art supplies I spied my bottles of metallic acrylic paint and decided to have a go with them. Metallic paints look best on black card so I grabbed some of that and then started wondering how I was going to make the paints SPLAT on my card!!

Eureka! Finally the lights came on…

I had an old bathroom sponge which MIGHT work…so I got to work…

To start with I cut the sponge up into decent sized pieces approx 1″ strips which was larger than the bottle mouth opening of my paint bottles. I then stuffed a piece of sponge into the acrylic paint bottle and with my finger over the sponge (to avoid accidents) I gave the bottle a good old shaking…the paint started to seep through the sponge!!


Next I got the hand made paint dabbers and splatted them all over the card stock in different metallic colours till I was happy with how they looked and then heat set to dry.

Easy when you know how to! I still love the look of those radiant rain splattered backgrounds so I guess Im gonna have to succumb and buy some as well!

Heres my background scans: