As you can see Ive been having some fun creating new styles of backgrounds for this issue! The card on the right comprises of several layers to create a wonderful textured mixed media card. The 2 main ingredients to create this vintage olde worlde look are walnut crystals and floor wax! I love to play around with mediums and see what I can come up with and had a lot of fun creating this card!

Walnut Inks and Crystals are a favourite medium of mine to use as I love how you can get an instant old fashioned background effect using little effort! Theres so many different ways you can use walnut inks and crystals out there that there are new ways being invented all the time! This is my current favourite background technique which I came up with while playing around with the floor wax recently.

These backgrounds would also work well with collages and altered books too! Why not have a go and see what you can come up with?

Supplies Used:

* White Gloss Card Stock
* Black Permanent Inkpad (Memories Stewart Superior)
* Walnut Crystals
* Future Floor Wax or Johnsons Klear Wax (or suitable alternative)Paint Brush
* White Tissue Paper
* Embossing Heat Gun
* Clear Embossing Powder
* Interferance Violet UTTEE or similar embossing powders (optional)
* Gold Pearl Ex (or colour of choice – you can use ANY powdered pigments for this i.e. perfect pearls, moonglow, fairie dust etc)
* Forest Green Card Blank
* Double Sided Tape
* Scissors
* London Map Scrapbook Paper Sheet (Kay and Company Lifes Journey Range)
* Rulers Scrapbook Paper Sheet (Kay and Company Lifes Journey Range)
* Journey Dictionary Defination Taken From Scrapbook Paper Sheet (Kay and Company Lifes Journey Range)
* Burgundy Card Stock

Travel Background Rubber Stamp Used CARDSNSTAMPS.COM

Creating The Background:

Always protect your work surface before working with these backgrounds as they can be messy. I use a sheet of card board for this purpose.

1. Take the sheet of gloss card stock and stamp the travel background all over the surface of the sheet with black ink. Let dry.

2. Next paint over the entire surface of the gloss card using floor wax and a paint brush – dont skimp with the wax!

3. Now take the same brush and dip it directly into the tub of walnut crystals – you dont mix then before hand you want to use the actual crystals themselves!

Use the brush dipped in walnut crystals and tap and stipple the brush over the surface of the card – the wax will act as a blending agent and the walnut will stain the card itself. Continue until the entire surface is covered with walnut ink.

4. While the wax is still wet; tear off strips of tissue paper and tap them over the wax randomly. You dont want to cover the entire surface of the card; just different sections to create a texture. You get more of a texture if you tear the tissue up first then open it up and tap it down on the card.

5. Paint another layer of floor wax over the tissue paper you have just laid down to make it go transparent.

6. Dip your brush back into the walnut crystals and paint the tissue paper different shades of brown.

7. Now take a pinch of walnut crystals with your fingers and sprinkle them over the surface of the background.

The wax will dissolve the sprinkled crystals a little but not too much and create ‘age spots’ on the background.

8. Allow the background to dry – you can hurry it along with a heat gun.

This step is completely optional:

9. Once dry take the clear embossing powder and sprinkle it over your background – you do not want an even layer just a rough sprinkling of powder so dont over think this step. Heat powder to melt.

10. Apply more clear powder and heat, then add a final layer of interferance UTEE to the hot clear powder (not too much) and heat again.

Your background is complete.

Making The Card:

To make the card shown, I tore around the Walnut Wax Media Background, then layered it onto my card blank with a strip of London Map Scrapbook paper. Next I cut out a ruler from the ruler printed paper and affixed it over the top of the layers. To finish the card I cut out the ‘Journey’ dictionary definition from the dictionary sheet and layered it onto a sheet of burgundy card stock.