Ive recently discovered the wonders of Walnut Ink! And Im in love!

Its so easy to use and I love the effects you can achieve with it. I used to use coffee to stain my papers, but coffee paper can smell horrible! With Walnut Inks there is no smell!

How to Mix Walnut Crystals

1. Take an empty bottle of shampoo, and tap in 2 teaspoons of Walnut Crystals.

2. Next pour warm water into the bottle so it is half full and give it a shake to mix.

3. Once mixed add more water to fill the bottle up to the top.

4. Next take a spray bottle and fill half way with the walnut ink solution, do a quick test on the back of my hand by spraying it to see how dark it is. If it is too too dark you can add more water to dilute.

Your Walnut Crystals are ready to use!

The beauty of walnut crystals is that you can experiment with using less and more water to create different shades of brown for your backgrounds.

Mixing Walnut Crystals With Pearl Ex

1. Take an empty spray bottle and tap in 1 teaspoon of powdered gum arabic, pour on a little warm water on top of the gum arabic and gave the bottle a good shake to mix them together.

2. Once they have mixed tap in a tiny amount of True Gold Pearl Ex (or any colour of your choice), I used about less than half a teaspoon, you dont need a lot, and again shake the contents to mix together

3. Once mixed top the bottle up with approx half of diluted walnut crystals and shake the bottle to mix everything together.

4. Once it has all mixed, do a quick test on your hand, if it is too dark you can add more water to dilute. Your pearl ex and walnut ink spray is ready to use!

Using Walnut Inks To Create Backgrounds

When Im using Walnut Inks I work on a plastic table mat to protect my work surface, walnut ink can stain so its best to protect your surface.

You can use any type of card, I use both gloss and matt card to achieve very different effects.

Place your cardstock onto the protected work surface and spray the walnut ink solution generously over the card. You can experiment with adding more or less ink. I like to use a heat gun to dry my backgrounds, as when you blast with your heat gun. you can move the inks around to create a ‘water cloud’ effect.

If you put too much walnut ink on your card, while it is still wet you can place another sheet of card over the top of it, gently rub, then peel apart for a more muted backgrounf effect.

When the walnut ink is dry I like to go back and spray on more ink to creat more textures and movements in the inks.

Use the pearl ex and walnut ink solution to create wonderful backgrounds with a metallic sheen!

Stamping On Walnut Ink

You can stamp on walnut inks using most any type of inkpads. My personal choice is the stazon because it has the truest black of them all!

On the triptych cards below, I stamped using various stampers annonymous stamps. After I stamped I noticed the backgrounds where a little too dark in places and you couldnt see the features on the face too well.

I took an ordinary waterbrush filled with water, and I gently added water to the faces and ‘lifted’ the walnut ink from the card and wiped off on scrap paper. It gave the faces a paler muted effect. I wanted to add a little colour so I added a tiny smudge of watercolours to the leaves and the lips and the eyes. The watercolour takes on an aged effect over the top of the walnut inks.

If you use Stazon Inkpads to stamp on Walnut Inks, you can use a water brush filled with household bleach to bleach away some of the walnut ink areas. It creates a wonderful stark background effect and is great for hilighting certain areas in your stamped designs.

Recycling Spray Bottles

If you dont want to pay out for ‘Art Sprays’ you can recycle! I bought some of mine in a pack of 2 from Poundland, they had leave in spray hair conditioner in them. I poured the hair conditioner out into another bottle and washed the spray containers out so I could use them for art sprays. They cost 50p each which is a bargain as you can pay around £1 or more for a ‘proper’ art spray from your craft shops

Mini Triptych Using Walnut Inks