Textured Glue Background ATC

It had to happen! Another background technique from yours truly!

Seems all I do lately is play around with background techniques; I cant help it if Im addicted to experimenting and playing around with different mediums to see what kind of interesting handmade background effects I can get!

This technique uses cheap and cheerful PVA Glue – for the benefit of readers who dont live in the UK;

PVA glue is cheap white school glue which dries clear. I use the cheapest glue I can find; I get mine from pound shops (dollar stores) – dont bother with expensive glues as cheap glue works!

The glue once dried creates an unique texture for your background which you can then smoosh over with pigment inks. Because the glue itself is glossy the pigment inks wont dry on it; so therefore you wipe off the ink to remove it and create an interesting resist type background with a textured twist! Its really easy and the effects can look very different!

Read on for the step by step details….

What You Need

* Cheap PVA Glue
* White Matt Card Stock
* Paint Brush or Sponge (for applying glue)
* Heat Gun
* Pigment Ink Pads in various colours (I use Colorbox Paint Pads)
* Kitchen Towel Wipe (or toilet paper)
* Black Memories Inkpad (or any permanent pad)
* Rubber Stamps Of Your Choice (I used Hero Arts Retro Borders)


First of all before you begin please remember because you are working with pigment inks you need to use matt card.

1. Squirt the pva glue onto your card stock – dont worry about being messy at this point – the messier the better; let the glue gloop onto the card. Use a brush or sponge to spread the glue across the card. Dont completely cover the card area – you want the card to be mainly glue free – think of the glue as an ‘accent’.

2. Using your heat gun quickly blast your card to dry the glue; you’ll notice in the areas where the glue is thicker that the glue will bubble up – this is normal. Once the glue has dried you can press the glue bubbles with your fingertips to pop them and flatten them down – or leave them as they are depending on how you want your background to look.

3. Now to stamp your background; I used black memories inkpad to stamp a background using the Hero Arts Retro Borders Set. Once stamped you must heat set your stamped images before continuing to the next step – it is important your ink is dry!

4. Now for the fun part! Start smooshing those pigment inks all over your card stock – you can use several colours or just one or two. I like to use complementary colours for example greens, oranges and yellows.

5. Pick up a dry kitchen towel or toilet tissue and swipe this over your background colour. As you do this you lift up some (but not all) of the colour from the glue drizzles on your card stock. Thus creating a cool textured resist background!

Your background is complete and will look a little like these:

Textured Glue Resist BackgroundTextured Glue Resist Background

Now you can use your backgrounds to create some wonderful creations! I used mine to create an ATC and a card which can be seen on this page!

Textured Glue Background Card

Hope you have as much fun with your backgrounds as I did!