Tissue Paper Leaf Collage Card

The leafy card on the left was created using tissue paper. I had a stash of tissue paper left over from when I was playing with the Caught In Crystal technique, rather than put it away I decided to experiment and see what it was like for stamping on. This is the result of my little experiment.

I stamped directly on the tissue paper using 2 leaf stamps by Stampendous in various colours of green Marvy Matchables inkpads. The ink dried instantly onto the tissue paper, and gave the stamped images a kind of ‘feathery’ look which I liked.

Next I sponged over the top of the stamped images using various colours of yellows, greens and oranges to get the leafy colour background I wanted.

When I had done that, I crumpled up the sheet of tissue paper Id just stamped and sponged into a tight ball, then opened it up again.

Next onto a sheet of white card I spread a thin layer of cheap white glue (pva) and then placed the stamped tissue paper over the top of the glue to stick it down. I wanted to make the crinkles visible so I didn’t pat it down completely flat. The glue doesn’t take too long to dry, I helped it along using a heat gun.

Once dry I took a dark green inkpad and gently rubbed it along the wrinkles of the tissue paper to hilight them and makes it look as if it has veins. I continued until I’d hilighted all the wrinkles.

Finally I cropped the tissue paper collage down and layered it onto card to finish.

Floor Wax And Tissue Paper Cd’s

I created this CD when I was doing the Caught In Crystal Technique on acetate, I had some cds nearby and I wondered what the technique would look like on cd’s instead on of acetate.

I took an unwanted CD Rom, and painted a layer of Floor Wax over the top of it. Next I sprinkled on fine glitter, then I placed on a crumpled sheet of tissue paper. I applied more floor wax, then dropped on several colours of Artists Inks to add colour to it, then finally another layer of wax to seal.

I let the CD air dry naturally for 24 hours as I wanted it to be completely dry.

I was surprised by the results, the tissue paper had changed into a wonderful colourful plastic like texture, it feels a little like fabric, except its not! I stamped over the top of the tissue paper with various celestial images using a black memories inkpad.

I’m going to try making small pins using this technique on random CD pieces and embossing over them in gold as I think that would look cool!