I love my backgrounds! I love nothing better than to sit and experiment with different inks and mediums to see what kind of backgrounds I can come up with for stamping on. These backgrounds are created using either gum arabic or floor wa which can be either sprayed, sponged or brushed onto your card stock to create an unique resist style art background.

For these backgrounds you will need to mix powdered Gum Arabic mixed with water according to instructions in steps 1-5 below:

Mixing the Gum Arabic

1. Take an empty pop bottle, and tap in approx 1 teaspoon powdered gum arabic.

2. Next pour warm water in the bottle until it is approx 1 third full.

3. Put the lid on the pop bottle, and give it a good shake. The more you shake the better the gum arabic dissolves in the water. It’s important to have warm water; otherwise the powder will not mix properly.

4. Look at the gum arabic and water mixture in your bottle, it should have a smooth texture, and the colour should be cloudy (it reminds me of pond water at this point). If it isn’t very cloudy you may need to add another teaspoon of gum arabic and mix again. Please note the bigger your bottle the more gum arabic you will need.

5. Once you have the consistency you need, pour more warm water into the bottle so that it is approx half full and shake again to mix.

Adding the Floor Wax

Once you have mixed the Gum Arabic, take a spray bottle and fill it up with approx half of the gum arabic mixture.

Next pour on Johnson’s Klear Floor Wax (or Future Floor Finish) on top of the gum arabic, and give the bottle a good shake.

Once mixed top up the bottle with warm water, your mix is now ready!

Creating Gum Arabic and Floor Wax Backgrounds

1. Take a sheet of white gloss card, and gently spray with gum arabic and floor wax solution.

Once sprayed, you will need to apply heat with a heat gun to dry.

2. Next ink up a brayer with a rainbow dye inkpad, and roll over the surface of the gloss card.

As you are brayering you will notice how the sprayed solution creates a wonderful speckled resist texture!

Now all you have to do is stamp your background with black ink and mount onto card to finish.

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