Ive been having a lotta fun experimenting with the colormist sprays which I got from Outside The Margins!! These babies are amazing – the colours to die for!! Or should I say dye for đŸ™‚

All the background experiments on this page where created using white gesso and black glossy card stock. To achieve this effect I either stamp or scrape gesso directly onto the card stock and let it dry. Once dry I use colorwash sprays to apply colour onto the gesso images/patterns. The end results in really bright dazzling backgrounds!!

You could probably use matt dark card stock for this technique, the reason I went with glossy is because you cant see the colourwash on the black parts of the card with it being so dark and also it doesnt soak into the surface and cause any time of stain because it is glossy and slick, therefore it creates a more eye popping resist effect.

What You Need:
# Black or any dark colour gloss card
# White Gesso
# Rubber Stamps (if you wish to stamp with the gesso)
# Sponge (for applying gesso to stamps)
# Credit Card (or hotel keycard, mobile phone top up card etc)
# ColourWash Sprays (or any brand colour mist sprays – brighter the better)

How To Create:
# Step 1:

Take your black gloss card stock (if you dont have black gloss you can make your own by brayering over white or any colour gloss card) and apply gesso to the card.

Theres a number of ways you can apply the gesso to the card, the easiest way is by stamping on the surface! Use a sponge to apply the gesso to the stamp and be sure to clean your stamp well after youve finished stamping so that the gesso doesnt dry on the rubber. Big and bold designs work best for this. I like to use pattern or alphabet stamps.

Another way to apply the gesso to the surface is using my favourite tool – my handy credit card – well not my real one cos I need that for retail therapy – Im talking about the freebie credit cards you can get for store loyalty points etc. I use that to scrap on bits of gesso onto the black gloss card.

Another way of adding gesso to the surface is to simply dip a sponge into the gesso and splodge it over the surface of the card.

For reference I have scanned the gesso backgrounds I did before I added colour so that you can see what they look like at this point:

Stamped Gesso:

Sponged Gesso:

Gesso Scraped Applied With Credit Card:

# Step 2:

Now for the FUN part….spraying on those color mist sprays! I love how the backgrounds look at this stage!! The white gesso on the black card gives the background a wonderful stark contrast for the colour wash sprays, and because the gesso has a grainy texture the sprays just seem to grab onto the surface and pop out at you. The effect is almost jewel like!

Heres scans of the above backgrounds with colour added:


Heres another scan of one of the above backgrounds, I decided to see what it would look like if I stamped over the background using black acrylic paint, heres the result:


Now finally heres my artist trading cards I made using some of the above backgrounds:


I really enjoyed playing around with these backgrounds! I hope you will too. If you dont have any colour wash sprays dont despair as you can using ordinary inkpads too! Either brayer or sponge on the colours direct to the gesso!